Abby Isadora Haydon
P.O. Box 1137
Sedona, AZ 86339 USA
Phone: (928) 204 - 5617

Experiences of other realities started early in my life. My first memory of unusual encounters happened when I was eight. I awoke one night to see my little brotherís astral body standing next to my bed, smiling. I knew something was strange when I followed him down the hall and saw his physical body sleeping next to my mother.

My intuitive abilities and the gift of channeling the Assembly of Light emerged when I was going to college in Mexico in the early 70ís .

In the 1980ís, I produced many psychic fairs throughout Southern California called Psychic Celebration. It was at this time that I refined my tarot card readings and combined them with psychic insights.

In 1988, I started my first weekly channeling group in palm Springs, California. I have used the transcripts of those sessions to produce my first book of channeled information, called the Lightwaves: The Blossoming of Transformation. This book is available on my web site along with tapes from many of those early meetings. Much of the information that was recorded at that time has come to pass.

In 1994, I was introduced to the Drunvalo Melchizedek material, the Flower of Life workshop. I knew instantly that I would teach the Merkaba meditation to others. I became a Flower of Life facilitator by the end of 1994. I have been teaching this precious wisdom throughout the United States and Mexico since then.

It was also in 1994 that the channeling of the Assembly of Light was first published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Their message is still published in the journal regularly.

I was gifted with this web page in 1998, called, this has enabled the message of the Assembly of Light to spread all over the worldThe e-mails I receive speak of spontaneous emotional healing and release, simply from reading their simple, yet loving messages.

Labyrinth Ceremony

In 1999, I started the study of color healing with the Aura Soma Color therapy system. I am now a certified to do Aura Soma consultations. Aura Soma has been described as a self selective, non intrusive soul therapy. The 105 Aura Soma balance bottles represent the energies of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Archetypes. The consultation determines which bottle is to be used by the client. The oil/water contents of the bottle are then used on the appropriate chakra center, such as ( a bottle containing blue would be placed on the throat area). The balance bottles work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. There are also many wonderful products that are made by Aura Soma that make available the energy of the Ascended Masters and Color.

During the time that I was studying Aura Soma, I was also involved in a project dealing with the Mayan Calendar. From that interaction I have learned about the workings of Mayan Astrology and now I also offer Mayan Astrology readings.

My life has been and will continue to be a journey of discovery. I feel that all I have learned is part of the mission that I have come here to do. I now live in Sedona, the spiritual capitol of the USA. I have learned Reiki healing, and had many profound spiritual experiences here.

I see my mission as using my gifts to assist those who resonate with them and most of all having lots of
fun !!!!!!!!!