The Assembly of Light
    presents us with the information to transform our lives. They speak with clairity and simplicity. They speak without judgement. Their presence leaves us with the experience of Divine love and acceptance. They rejoice in our progress. They uplift us when we fall. They show us how to go beyond doubt and fear. For our growth is their growth.

They touch upon the knowledge within our soul; our past, present and future lives. They bring us the reassurance that there is existance in galaxies other than our own. They share with us our prayer for peace and healing of our beloved earth. They tell us of wonders of our minds. They emphasize that our ability to visualize is our special tool for creating for all that we want to manifest. They show us how to use the wonderful treasures of our planet: the colors; crystals; gem stones; foods and herbs, that bring out the best in every aspect of our nature. They help us to contact our own spirit guides. They tell us what special gifts we might have to help others as they evolve.

The Assembly of Light shows us the possibilities that we might have felt were beyond us but are really within us. Walk into the vision of tomorrow that you know within your heart is posssible. Let The Assembly Light guide you, nourish you, help point the way.

Abby has the honor of being the only individual to bring The Assembly of Light's message to others. Their kind and nurturing energy first came to her in 1973, when she was a student in Mexico. Since that time they have both grown and evolved. Abby has now dedicated her life to bring you this helpful, healing, transforming knowledge. She is available to channel their message individually or in groups. Abby has also formulated seminars that focus upon the teachings of The Assembly of Light.