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The Labyrinth

"An ancient tool for healing and growth"

The seven path classical labyrinth is a sacred geometry form that has been found all over the world and can be dated back to 500 AD. It has been found in Egyptian tombs, Cretan coins, churches all across Europe and in the baskets of Arizona’s Pima and Hopi Indians.

When the labyrinth is walked, it stimulates the chakras, or energy centers in a unique order: 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 4th 7th, 6th, 5th. This has the effect of altering the consciousness and bringing the individual to a state of calm and clarity. It is a great state in which to do affirmations and prayers. It is a state where the mind can connect with higher guidance and receive answers. It brings one to a state where physical and emotional healing can be facilitated. It has also been said that the labyrinth can help release negative thought forms and emotions as it is being walked.

I connected with the labyrinth when I was in a time of crisis. I walked the labyrinth every day for three weeks, and something happened. I suddenly felt connected to the labyrinth in a deeper way than ever before.

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After I had moved to my new place, a depression set in. A month later, my friend and I built a labyrinth near my home. I walked it every day. I noticed that I was feeling much better. In less than a month, the depression was gone. I attribute this to the healing power of the labyrinth.Since that time, I have felt motivated to build them for people. I dowse for the location, draw the outline and perform a birthing ceremony. The labyrinth can then be made permanent with rocks, plants or other types of methods to mark the pathway. It is a beautiful and useful addition to any home. Contact me for more information about having your own labyrinth.Please call 928-204-5617 to schedule an appointment or email

I wish to thank my labyrinth mentor Taffy Lanser for all her help in connecting me with the labyrinth. Taffy has been all over the world building labyrinths. She is filled with great history and experiences about this powerful, sacred and healing form. She can be reached at: 480-488-0085.

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