January 11, 2005

Greetings to all and welcome to the 2nd issue of Light Waves.

Abby Haydon

2005: The Year of the New Teachers

Channeling by the Assembly of Light
through Abby Isadora Haydon

January 11, 2004

Thank you for being open to this message. In the coming year, there will be a great acceleration of spiritual growth. There will be many new openings that will bring through ancient knowledge that has been buried for many centuries. Now it is time to realize that you will be expanding. This is the time of looking within and releasing many aspects of your nature that you would wish to transform. There will be much going within and much seeking without. Many will be learning on an intellectual level.
These two energy aspects will be working in harmony and will be bringing forth many new beauties. This energetic process will continue to accelerate the growth of many individuals. The healing and transformation that has been going on in this time period will bring beauty and new potential. It will release what is not serving so that new beauties can come forth.

Individuals will be ready for the intellectual knowledge that will be coming to them. In order to receive certain teachings, the individuals must have a clean plate upon which to put many different types new information.

This new year will be a time for individuals to release energy blocks that are preventing their growth. The release of these blocks will help people to be open to new potentials and spiritual paths. These energy blockages that will be leaving may be released by emotional clearing and releasing work. It is best to do emotional release work that concentrates on the energy fields of the body. These are the areas of the body that bring forth emotional experiences. The clearing and cleansing of emotions will be very powerful. There will be times when you are very emotional. When you are in this processing, it is important to be out in nature and to be near water.

There may be practices that will bring about these releases, or there may be spontaneous releases that happen by themselves. When this happens, you will be setting the stage for changes, expansion and growth. When you honor and support the release of these blockages, you are preparing a beautiful, clean place for knowledge and new experiences to take place. The emotional purification will be very powerful. After the purification process has subsided, you will be able to absorb information from great energy fields of knowledge. These fields of knowledge are within the grids of your planet and are now able to be accessed. These will be practices that you will be studying.

Some information will be spontaneous transmissions that will be coming from other dimensions. These new energies that are coming will be opening individuals for channeling. They will bring information from very beautiful sources. The type of information that will come forth will be new systems of knowledge. There will be new systems of awareness and growth. This new knowledge that will be coming forth will be coming forth through those that are seen as professional channels and are similar to this one through whom we speak. There will also be individuals who will never have thought themselves capable of this ability and will be bringing through information as well.

This channeled information, these new types of knowledge will be bringing forth understanding about life on other planets, in other galaxies. There will also be information about the nature of what has been called Spirit. There will be descriptions of what it is like to be free of the body and existing in the realms of spirit. There will also be information for living on this planet. There will be information to help you not only survive, but thrive upon this world that is going through many changes.
This will translate into new products and services. There will be new ways of living a healthier life. Ways to enhance physical existence and life on this planet will be coming.

Many individuals will probably be going through this process of emotional clearing and opening to new skills or new knowledge. This will cause many necessary changes to happen in their life. There will be changes in living, marriage and relationship. What is not bringing forth healthy relationships will be released so these individuals will have the time, space and purity of their living space to focus on the manifestation of these new ways of being.

These changes will come in spurts. It will be fairly constant phenomenon of emotional release followed by a period of new learning and receiving new formats.
This type of experience is happening so that more knowledge that is useful to the planet can come forth at this time. Individuals must be cleansed of their blocks so that they will be able to receive this new assistance that is coming, that is already here, waiting to be utilized.

The work that is coming forth for many individuals may be a shock to them. They may not see themselves as working in this way. They may not think of themselves as having this potential to bring forth.

A great number of individuals have opened to the light. This is allowing for much beauty to come into this world. These new life experiences are coming to those that seek them and those who do not seek them. Those that will be bringing through new information or ancient knowledge that has been waiting to be disseminated are honoring soul contracts that were created before arriving on this planet. Many are now on the verge of expansion. Many are looking for their first experience of understanding Spirituality.

Receiving this new information is not dependent upon what you have achieved spiritually before. What will coming through you, what you will be learning are dependent upon experiences that are not apparent to the conscious mind. If you are a person who has been an insurance salesperson your whole life and not had a great interest in spiritual experiences or you have not found yourself devoted to any spiritual practice, you may find a great transformation coming for you this year. You may find that you are suddenly interested in pursuing ancient teachings. Or you may find messages coming to you, from where you do not know. You may feel that the source is positive, so you may write down what you are receiving. You may, at some point, in some way, feel that you would like to share it with others.

There is so much information coming forth as well as many beautiful teachings. The reason is that what comes forth will be needed by someone on this planet, even if it is one person. That one person may be a friend of yours. Situations will come about that will enable you to share what you have received at the proper time. Realize that even if many people are interested in the same teachings and knowledge, there will be different individuals that they will be sharing it with.

The balance between those who are awake and those who are resisting awakening is becoming smaller and smaller. The gap between those who are living a life of harmony and beauty and those who are caught in the restrictive life systems that exist today is becoming smaller. There will be many who will need assistance. They will need certain kinds of knowledge. Those that have the answers to their questions will be bringing forth great assistance.

The question is not ”What do I do with the knowledge?”, for you will be directed at the right time as to how to use this knowledge and what will be coming forth with it. There will be many more who will be thought of as teachers.

We would encourage all who are having these experiences to be easy with them. Accept the gift that is being given. Accept these teachings. Accept the understanding. Do not feel that you must understand it fully. Know that there is information encoded in what you will be receiving and sharing with others. Simply by imparting it, you will be activating many aspects within the person you share it with. The way this sharing will take place will become clear as time goes on.
Simply be open this year to the coming of these experiences. Know that the purification you will be experiencing has a specific reason. It is as if there is a white sheet that has some dirt and grime on it. The washing process, in the washing machine, could be thought of as painful for the sheet. It is stretched, twisted and pulled in many ways. After the washing is over, the sheet comes out clean and pure. Then this white sheet that has been purified is ready to have a beautiful painting put upon it.

Think upon this idea, and allow yourself to visualize this. This is the process that will be brought forth for many individuals in this year of 2005. As this white sheet has different parts of the whole painting. drawn upon it, it may be difficult at first to see the whole picture, for a bit is drawn at one time, and a bit more at another time. When the sheet has received the totality of the work of art, it’s beauty will be clear and easy to see. This year will bring both of these experiences: cleansing and transmission of new beauty.

It will become clear to you in the first 4 months of this year, if you are one who is going to be affected by this situation. When it begins to happen, you will now have a great understanding of your nature and your part in the blossoming of this situation that is helping usher in what many have called of Ascension or the New Age. 2005 is a year when more of the nature of existence on all levels of creation will be revealed.

Abby’s Astrology for January and February, 2005

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra: Tread lightly on Valentine’s Day

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, expansion and all around happiness, is going retrograde February 1st, while in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of partnership and marriage.

So how will this affect your Valentine’s day?

This may translate into a rather low key Valentine’s Day. Jupiter will not be adding the full strength of it’s jovial, giving nature. This might mean a smaller then usual celebration on this day that celebrates love. Therefore, it is best not to have big expectations for the way that your significant other expresses their love for you. If you have been used to a romantic get away, it may not happen this year. Don’t be disappointed if the big ring, car or other large gift seems to shrink this year.
Even though the size of your present may be smaller, it may be given with more appreciation of your relationship. When a planet is in retrograde or backward motion, there is a tendency to look back at the past. Your beloved may become very sentimental and give you something that is a reminder of your first date, or first anniversary. They may want to go to the place where they first kissed you. The gifts you get this Valentines Day may not be big, but they will be chocked full of sentiment and appreciation for what has happened between you. As we women have always said, size doesn’t matter!

This is also a time when you may be able to reconnect with a lost love from the past. This person may be accessible to you, even when they have not been before. So if a love from the past keeps coming into your mind, this could be a good time to get in touch.

There may be a lot of dead rose bouquets this Valentine’s Day as well. This may be a time when you feel you need to express your anger or other feelings to a lover that did you wrong. When you are thinking of the focus of your love life this Valentines Day, you may notice that you don’t have that same old tingling feeling you did on last Valentine’s Day. This is a good time to look at how you feel about where you are now in the relationship. You might want to share with your partner what needs you have that haven’t been fulfilled. It may be a good time to renew your marriage vows.
This is a good time to reevaluate all of your partnerships. It is not a good time to buy a house with someone, or start a business with a partner.

Jupiter will be retrograde until June, so if you are going to get married, you can still have a great June wedding if you have it after June 5th, 2005 !

Gemstones/Minerals of the month



This gemstone takes many shapes and colors. It is the only gemstone that I know of that forms geometric patters such as cubes and octahedrons. It comes in purple, green, blue, yellow and magenta.

This beautiful translucent stone has been known as the stone of discernment. This goes along with the Saturn ruled Capricorn that likes order and boundaries. It also assists in purification and cleansing. It is helpful for assisting you in the healing of colds, flu, and infections. This mineral helps with another Capricornian trait of helping with mental focus. It assists one with being impartial and unbiased when analyzing problems and complex issues. Flourite helps bring order to chaos.



Amber is a favorite of this Aquarian. Amber is a resin from trees that has captured many interesting things within it in centuries past. It comes in a variety of earth tones that range from the off white of butterscotch amber to chocolate brown. Most amber is the color of honey. Sounds warm and yummy, no?

Amber has many powerful qualities. It can bring protection because it has the ability to absorb negative energy and turn it into positive energy. So this is why Amber is also associated with cleansing and purification. Amber has the ability to assist with the manifestation process.

Amber helps with making decisions. It has been given as a gift at the renewal of wedding vows. It has also been used to bring good luck to warriors in battle. It is also said to have been one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priests of the ancient Hebrews. Amber has the quality of aligning the etheric bodies to bring balance to the physical body as well.


Amethyst arranges from pale lavender to a deep, rich purple that appears almost black. I have both of these types of Amethyst. Amethyst vibrates with the brow chakra, and has been called the stone of spirituality. It assist one in connecting with the higher frequencies in meditation. It is good for calming the mind and body. It can be a great aid in helping you get a good night’s sleep. It can also help you see your choices clearly when you need to make a decision.

It was also found in the breastplate of the Hebrew priests. Amethyst is good for protection from psychic attack and unwanted visits from those who have crossed over. Amethyst can also help you strengthen your desire to be free of addictions. It is just the thing to help you with those New Year’s resolutions!

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