January 11, 2006

Table of Contents:
  • Message from Abby
  • Channeling: The Compass
  • Commentary: The Symbolism of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Abby Haydon

Message from Abby

For those of you who have been awaiting the next issue, here is a Christmas present for you!! November was a very intense month for me. I was very connected to the passing of my ex-boyfriend and Mayan Calendar mentor, Ian Lungold. About five days before I heard that he was in the hospital in the middle of October, I suddenly became very angry, sad and was crying throughout the day. I couldn't sleep through the night. My personal life was going the best it had in a year and a half, so I knew it wasn't anything that was happening in my outer world that was upsetting me.

When I found out Ian was very ill, I realized that he was still very connected to me, even though I hadn't seen him in three years. These feelings and sleepless nights persisted until his passing during the full moon in November.

Next came a Mercury Retrograde experience of having an old friend and her family stay at my house for the Thanksgiving weekend. Then I made a visit to my family in California.

This day has been the only one I have had physically and emotionally free to sit down and write since mid October. I feel that the wait has been good. This will be my last newsletter until March. I have had a very difficult year. Many changes in my work arena. Last year at this time, a man I was dating committed suicide. This year at this time, Ian died. So I feel that I need to take a break until Spring.

This pause has opened up new energies for the newsletter. This month I am putting in a channeling from 2002 called the Compass. I feel that this is appropriate since the channeling of October focused on the earth changes for 2006. This entry will help you to see that you can use your own inner guidance to steer yourself to safety.
I also have decided to put a commentary section in the channeling instead of always having Astrology. I couldn't get motivated to talk about Astrology. Then I saw the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I have felt some passionate stirrings about the meanings attributed to the movie, and feel I need to express another perspective that can be seen in its symbolism.

A new energy, Marriah, has surfaced in the channeling. It is similar to Zorriah, and I feel that this being comes from the same group consciousness. You will meet this new being in March.

So with many new beauties to look forward to in the coming year, I send you love, light and the knowing that joy is just around the corner.
Love, Abby

The Compass

Channeling by Assembly of Light through Abby Haydon

April 11, 2002

We would wish to thank you for your desire to grow and expand. We would wish you to know that there are many universes that are coming together now. There are many planets and solar systems that will begin to be visible to humans upon the earth plane. This will happen because of the advancements in technology. There are many dimensions that are beginning to blend together. Many frequencies are beginning to vibrate at the same time and same place.

There will be an opening of perception. There will be an opening of different frequencies. This will bring forth a potential to see different bodies within the sky. There will be very beautiful stars and planets that will be perceived by new technology. For the next ten to twenty years, these configurations will come and go to human perception. They will come and go in the same place. This will be a very strange phenomena. This will puzzle many. This will happen because the barriers between the dimensions are beginning to fade. This is happening because of the aspects of Ascension.

The barriers or veils are beginning to thin. These are the barriers that keep one dimension separate from the other. We are discussing this at this time because many are moving through these different barriers. This is making it easier to go through these barriers.

As you can imagine, many things are changing. Many unusual experiences will be happening within the world in which you live. There will be many times when people will be questioning what is real and what is not. People will wonder "What can I hold in my hand?" What can I hear with my ears?" "What can I see?" Many will be questioning their perception. As these barriers begin to be broken down, so that travel to different dimensions can be brought forth more easily, there will be many strange and even bizarre experiences that will manifest. This will be disconcerting for many.
Time frequencies will also be changing. They may be speeding up or slowing down. This will also create disorientation in many ways. It will be that many of the mechanisms that are used to record or meter time and your experience of it will begin to malfunction. This will create many difficulties.

It is important to realize that these changes in the dimensions and vibration frequencies are something that has been prepared for. It has been planed for. There will be assistance from beings on many levels. This will help maintain the stability as long as is possible.

It is important to realize that a change is coming. We would wish to call this the Great Shift. There will be many different experiences coming forth for many. It is not that it will be happening within the next month, or even within the next year. It is important to realize that these changes are coming. These changes will bring what we would wish to call chaos for many.

For this reason, it is important to have individuals bring forth their connection to Spirit and to feel secure in their guidance. This will be the only operating system that will be available to you. Many of the things that you have counted on all your life, that you have felt are stable, will change. This means a clock or a mirror or a radio will not function as it has in the past. The only thing that will be functioning will be your intuition and your personal guidance system.

It is important for you to develop this now. We would encourage you to strengthen your connection to what you may wish to call your Higher Self, your Inner Voice,or your Guides. You may use whatever feels comfortable for you to call this energy. It is an aspect of you that is being brought forth. It is a much more refined frequency then what you are able to perceive within this physical body at this moment.

Now is the time to begin to strengthen this connection. It is important to hear this voice clearly. It is time for you to listen. There will be many teachers appearing upon the planet. Some will be famous, some obscure. They will be coming to help you. They are coming to help you hear this voice. They are coming to help you strengthen your sense of perception. They are coming to help you develop your sense beyond your senses. This means that you will be developing your ability to perceive beyond what your five senses are capable of showing you.

We would encourage you to be open to developing this new type of perception within the next three years. In the times that are approaching, this ability will be your only compass. It will be your only guide that will show you where you must be and who you must be with and when you must be there.

There are many experiences coming to the planet that will assist you in developing this inner guidance. These experiences will open you in many ways. There will also be different types of learning materials that will be coming forth. The purpose of these learning materials is to strengthen your intuition. They will strengthen your sense of knowing. You will be able to strengthen communication from a distance.
This will start to become a trend. There will be centers where you will be able to work upon this with great numbers. Bringing forth the inner guidance, intuition and the perceptions that will help you to hear directions are the areas that need to be developed.

We would wish to encourage you to realize that all are capable of developing these heightened abilities. All are capable of bringing forth this talent. All are capable of breaking through the barriers to manifesting this ability.

In the next three years, the world that you are living in will not be the same as it is now. It will be easier to perceive energies. It will be much easier to sense. It will be much easier to find direction.

Please be open to this idea. Do not have the feeling "Oh, I cannot do this." "This happens to others but not to me." It will happen to you, but you must be open to receive it. It will be like receiving a beautiful present. You must extend your arms and open your hands so that the gift may be placed within your presence.

Many have felt that this type of perception, this honoring the inner callings, has been for a few, and not for many. Now this will change. There is a purpose for developing this. There is a reason to bring this forth. This focus needs to be applied to solidify this potential that you have.

There may be different aspects of your personality that may wish to speak to you as well. It is important not to be bogged down by these callings. Listen for the clear, pure voice that is available to you. This voice does not have a goal of a lower frequency, or an interest in self- gratification.

We would wish all of you to be open to doing certain exercises. The first one is to focus upon a place that you are familiar with. Simply focus on this place and see if you perceive an object that appears to be there. Go to this place and see if the object, or something similar, is there in the physical form. Another exercise is to work with another person and have them say something when they are alone at a certain time. Then close your eyes, focus and see if you can perceive some of the information or ideas that they are bringing forth. Working with your ability to perceive on the material level will help to stimulate your ability to communicate with your guidance. You may also wish to work with others who are using different colors. At a certain time, you may have them touch or hold a color in their hand. You will then be able to know what this color is, while at a distance.

These are activities that you can work upon and will be more successful at as you continue to do them. Know this is the beginning. To perceive that which you are not able to perceive right in front of you with your senses is the important thing. This is the way to open up your guidance to perceiving the voices of the communications that will be coming from higher aspects of yourself.

When you are engaged in these activities, it is important to declare that you will only receive information that is from the highest aspect of yourself and for your greatest good. Some of the information that you receive may be inspirational. It may be something about you. It may be something about a loved one. It may be something that you may feel is important to your life now.

When changes begin to happen upon the planet, you will be receiving a different kind of information. This will be crucial to your existence and to all the aspects of yourself. We do not wish to bring forth feelings of fear. We do wish you to be aware that you are going to be in need of using these aspects of yourself. For this reason, it is important to stimulate this growth within you. It will grow stronger as time goes on. It will become more beautiful as time goes on.

Stimulating this guidance within you will bring a feeling of comfort and safety. You will sense that you are creating a system of protection for yourself. You know that you will be guided to what is best for you. You will feel secure in knowing that you will be in harmony with your Divine Plan.

If you are feeling that this is impossible for you, that you cannot do this, that you hear nothing, that nothing ever works for you, then start in a simple way. We wish to give you this vision of your Divine Guide. See, when you are sitting in the meditative state, to bring this forth. This may be a kind, gentle, loving, elderly man or woman. It may be a beautiful goddess or faerie. It may be a handsome man or woman of stately manner. Whatever guide you see will be the one that is right for you. For now, it is important to make the connection. See yourself holding out your hands and see the hands of your guide coming and touching you. Seeing your hands touch the hands of your guides is what is important. If you choose to make this connection, know that all that is necessary will be brought forth.

As the veils become thinner, you will see many other aspects of yourself that you are capable of bringing forth. Now is the time to begin.

Commentary: The Symbolism of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

When I saw that one of my favorite books was going to be a spectacular movie, I was very excited. I had read it about 20 years ago and still remember it clearly.
What I was not ready for was the meaning that Christianity placed upon it. I saw the movie as a topic of discussion for sermons on many church billboards.

I would first like to state that I have a very strong connection to the Christ energy. Being that I was not born into a Christian family and did not have a Christian indoctrination growing up, I have come to develop my own relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christ energy. Through my personal experiences as an adult, I have come to have great love and respect for Jesus Christ.

I feel that this new movie( there are older versions at your video store) has been very true to the mythology and symbolism expressed within it. The computer animation really brings it to life. The first level of symbolism that I wish to address is that of the battle of Dark and Light that was going on in the world when The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was first conceived in 1939. The book was started then, even though it was not finished until after WW2.*

I see the antagonist, the White Witch, representing Adolf Hitler and his insane desire to exterminate all those who did not fit into his concept of the new white race. Hitler wanted the whole world to be populated by the white race, just as the white witch wanted the land to be covered by white snow.

I feel that the children represent the Allies, the super powers that stood up and finally defeated the White Witch and her army, the Axis alliance. Yet I feel there was an even greater influence in the life of C.S. Lewis at the time that is evidenced in this magnificent tale. The years proceeding WW2 was the time that J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were close friends. C.S. Lewis read Tolkien's books before they were published and motivated Tolkien to finish the mythic sagas.*

This connection to Tolkein and his realms of Elves and demons undoubtedly had an impact on Lewis. Even though Lewis converted to Christianity and did radio shows on the topic* the deep symbolism of England and it's rich mythology can be found throughout this first book.

The first creature that Lucy meets in the land of Narnia represents the god Pan, the Green Man, that stands for the male fertility aspects of nature. Many of the warriors in Asylan, the lion's army are mythic creatures with horns and cloven hooves. These two characteristics are thought to be signs of the devil to many Christians. Yet they are the heroes of many ancient traditions and in this story as well.

Then we have the lion himself, Asylan. Many attribute him to Jesus Christ, yet I feel he is the symbol of England and the Arthurian energy. For centuries, King Arthur has been thought of as a savior of the English people. The idea that he will return when England is in trouble is buried deep within the English psyche.

The red dragon was crest of Uthur Pendragon, the supposed father of King Arthur. Over time the dragon evolved into the red lion, that was the crest of Richard the Lionhearted, an English king during the time of the Crusades. The red lion was Asylans crest also.

Christians are quick to declare the lion as a Jesus Christ figure because he resurrects in the movie. In the book and the movie Asylan declares that his resurrection is possible because of ancient magic. Magic is evil in Christian thought. Resurrection or rebirth is a very ancient concept that represents the rebirth and immortality of our planet and the earth we inhabit.

The magic that Lewis referred to is that of the Druids, the Celts and other ancient tribes that walked the lands of Great Britain long before anyone knew of Jesus Christ. It is the magic of those who werein tune with the powers of nature and knew how to use it.
The resurrection takes place on an ancient stone table. Such ancient standing stones and stone tables exist all over England. They date back to very olden times as ceremonial centers that have no connection to Christianity.

To label the symbolism of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as solely Christian, is like saying that your computer is just a clock. It is indeed a clock, but it is also so much more.

I have strong feelings that this movie honors all of us who study and feel a calling to traditions, beliefs and values of primeval cultures that were here on this planet at a time when we were closer to the "galactic center" and a more refined way of functioning. It was a time when we were using more of our brain, more of our abilities and were more in touch with the divine essence that is at the foundation of all creation.

For me, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a celebration of the primal energies of nature. It is a declaration of the living energy of mythology that we all feel stirring within us. It's presence in our lives at this time is a message that the pure and holy energy that was King Arthur, the Jewish Messiah and Jesus Christ will come back into our lives, in the way that is right for us, when the time is right.

*C.S. Lewis, a Biography by A.N. Wilson



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