February 17, 2005

Greetings from Abby!

This month’s newsletter is very controversial. The channeling is one that I have been hesitant to print because many people may be offended. It talks about the situation in the New Age community where people who are not born into the genetic lineage of many indigenous teachings are becoming practitioners and teachers of them. This is evidenced with people in the USA who practice and teach Native American Indian traditions such as the sweat lodge. The Assembly of Light seems to be on the side of the Native Americans of North America and the Mayans of Central America that do not want “outsiders” teaching their spiritual practices.

Abby Haydon

I personally have not felt drawn to learn in depth the Native American traditions. Without my even knowing it, I have put my attention, over the years, to the teachings of the ancient Hebrews: Astrology, tarot cards and Numerology. There are Hebrew letters on several of the tarot cards. Aura Soma Color Therapy was created by a Jewish woman, Vicki Wall. It incorporates the Tree of Life from the Kabala as well as well as Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. So I guess this means I have been learning what is in harmony with my genetic make up. Think about it! We always think the “grass is greener” in the spiritual traditions other then our own. Why not go back to your “roots” and discover what your ancestors have to offer you?

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Channeling by the Assembly of Light
through Abby Isadora Haydon

February 17, 2005

We would wish to thank you for your openness to new directions and ideas. It is time for many awareness to come to this planet. It is time for many new energies to come forth. There is a group of children that will be born at the end of 2004 and through 2005 that will have very beautiful talents. They will help to bring about a great understanding of the past. They will have great understanding of ancient knowledge and how to apply this. They will bring forth a direct connection to ancient knowledge. They will not need to learn it for they will be living it at a young age.

Now ancient knowledge is coming forth from many indigenous cultures. This knowledge will come forth from individuals that are born in the United States. They are a new generation of bearers of wisdom.

This is being done for many reasons. Many of those who are presently learning the practices of ancient knowledge are not able to truly bring forth the abilities of these systems of knowledge in it’s totality. They are not able to be successful at using the teachings of individuals who were born on a different side of the world or speak a different language then the one the teachings are handed down in. Many individuals are wishing to learn from teachers of knowledge that do not have the basic genetic connection to the teachings. This means that they do not have all that is necessary to use this knowledge.

So there will be a new way for these teachings, that can bring healing to the planet, to come out. These people will be born into the cultures that maintain the systems of healing and expansion that they will start to use. These people will be very strong in the old ways of their people. They will come to preserve the teachings as well as to use them properly and honor the ancient ways of the past.

They will have direct knowledge. This will happen because they will be reborn from lifetimes where they have accomplished much with these teachings. This is what we would wish to call a reseeding of the planet of those who can continue the use of ancient knowledge. They will have within their physical bodies the genetic strains of the past. This direct genetic connection will activate the full power of the knowledge of their ancestors.

At present, many individuals who feel attracted to ancient knowledge, are not successful in bringing forth the full power and potential that these ancient systems of healing and expansion of consciousness offer. This is why most are not successful in bringing forth abilities that those born into the cultures have achieved.

The indigenous knowledge is most successful when used by those that are attuned to the genetic code of the teachings. These teachings were long ago entrusted to these cultures. When we say this we are speaking of the cultures of the Americas, the islands of the Pacific Ocean and the continent that is Africa. This is also true of the teachings of the northern European cultures.

Individuals are most successful in the use of what may be called Shamanism when they are born with a genetic link to these cultures and it’s ancient wisdom. Shamanism in this context refers to ancient tribal healing and teaching methods.

For many years those that have been born within these cultures were not interested in the ancient knowledge. They have been wooed or lured into this new global culture of technology that has come to dominate this planet. This obsession with what is “modern” grows stronger and stronger each day. It is technology that has brought many destructive elements to your world. It is this addiction to what is new that has caused them to leave behind their traditions. These last generations go to what is new. This takes away many skills of the human form.

Many have gone through this change. The purity of environmental aspects that allow ancient traditions to function harmoniously have been compromised as well. There is a transition going on to rectify this process, but the most important thing to realize is that there are individuals who will be born into these cultures which are really genetic memory banks. They will have the ability to stimulate the use of these timeless skills. They will be able to perform healings, remove congested entities and attachments. They will also be able to successfully use many types of primitive healing methods.

Now many go to places in Peru and Latin America and other places for Shamanic healing and will wish to learn what the elders of these cultures are able to do. It is not a matter of learning how to duplicate these skills it is a matter of bonding with these formulas for healing that allows them to work. One who is not bonded or raised in the traditions of the teachings from birth will not be as effective as one who has the potential for using these teachings imprinted on all cells of their body.

There will be a new wave of children born into these cultures that carry great knowledge for humanity. During the first five years of their life, they will show a dramatic interest or inclination to revive their old teachings. These children will also evidence skill in using the shamanic techniques. These new children will share their skill with all of humanity when they are ready to do so.

There are many who have an inclination to learn the teachings of the Native Americans because they have lived a lifetime with these cultures and traditions. It is the memory of that past life that attracts them. Due to the fact that they do not presently have the physical genetic tie to these traditions, they are not as skilled as those who are born into it, no matter how hard they try.

It is important to realize that each person that is alive on the planet to day has a genetic link to an ancient healing tradition. We would wish to encourage individuals to be open to learning the history of their traditions. Explore the healing systems that you are presently linked with. Even if you feel estranged from the traditions of you blood family and culture, we would encourage you to discover the healing and spiritual teachings that your traditions hold. Those who have a genetic connection to European cultures have their own traditions that can be explored. Those that have the genetic link to Africa have a rich culture to reconnect with.

We would like to encourage individuals to not look for shamanic traditions that they feel are romantic and fascinating. We would encourage you to explore the potential that is within each cell of your body. Every human living on this planet has a genetic link to a healing system that is old and effective. We wish to stress the importance of honoring the knowledge of the genetic/cultural heritage. For you have chosen this genetic code for a reason. You have taken on this body for many reasons, and one is to connect with it’s the spiritual/healing knowledge that is locked within it. In many ways, it defeats the purpose of taking on your present body if you seek elsewhere for the pathway to enlightenment. The magical stairway to Ascension is within you. The door to this stairway is there ready to be unlocked. The teachings of the body are the key to open this door and ascend the spiral staircase.

More and more there are people that are feeling the call to be healers, to do psychic surgery, or to work with herbs. It is important to realize that the herbs and plants that one should work with, should be in harmony with the location where the physical body resides or where it has been living for many years. If a person has been living in a country that is far from their place of birth, they will begin to receive benefit from the plants of that area after they have been there for 10 years. Their physical body will begin to blend with the earth where they are located.

There are many who are born or living in Europe or the United States that wish to take herbs from the Amazon. Realize that their genealogy must be taken into consideration when working with herbs that are far away from the genetic origins of their body. Chinese herbs may not work well on individuals who are not from China. Some of the healing techniques such as Acupuncture many work well on individuals in the United States, but the herbs may be a different story.

The healing techniques from other countries can be effective on individuals from different countries, if a healer that has a genetic link to the knowledge they are using performs them. Individuals who are in harmony with the knowledge of their ancestors of their physical body and use this knowledge to help others do great work indeed.
We would encourage all to look in this direction. You may be fascinated with ancient traditions that are far away from your birth origin. Realize that here and now, there is different learning to be brought forth.

Even though the imprints of past lives are now being accessed and experienced easily, this adherence to the techniques that correlate to the present physical incarnation will be more effective. Each of you have a great system to the knowledge within you. Each culture and tradition has it’s own way of perceiving God/Goddess. Each tradition has it’s own way to connect with this light. We encourage each one to look to your own roots of the earth that will connect you to the higher realms. Almost all ancient cultures have the concept of the four directions.

The physical body is the foundation for the other energetic, ethereal bodies. This includes the mental body, the emotional body and the bodies that carry information are all linked to the physical body. To use methods of healing such as old family healing remedies are all part of the knowledge that is at your disposal. Each one of you has a storehouse of healing knowledge within you or that has been handed down to you by your birth culture.
If possible, we would encourage you to trace your genetic tree back 5 generations so that you may know the full range of the body imprints that you carry. To utilize this will be very beautiful for all individuals.

Many miracles can happen when you are in harmony with the traditions of your body. Explore who you are. If you feel this is right for you, bring forth the traditions of your ancestors to the world.

The ease of communication and travel have made that which is foreign to your ancestry interesting and desirable. This is why the teachings and methods of the cultures of Australia, South America, and China are accessible, yet may not be the best for one to use.
Learn your ancient traditions. This will enliven these teaching and forms of healing for the benefit of all.

A person may have genetic links to several cultures, yet there will be one that will feel stronger to you. It is that one we wish to encourage you to pursue. Allow your instinct to guide you to the tradition that is best for you to investigate.
The challenge for many is not to follow the voices of past lives that echo within you, but to be in the present and use what has been given you to use in the here and now through your physical body.

We wish to give you this vision: See yourself standing before a big, beautiful building. See yourself walking to this building. Once you have entered this building, your clothing will change. You will be dressed in the robes of your heritage. As you walk through this building, you will see objects or symbols that will connect you to your genetic heritage. Take these symbols or objects and place them within your body. When you bring them to you, them will easily go into you. This will symbolize the connecting with what is available to you. Any time you would wish to access these symbols or objects, please write down your request and put it by your bedside as you go to sleep. You will have a dream or vision of your ability and this will point you toward the right area of focus. You will be surprised, once you begin this quest, to see the abilities that will come forth from you.

Abby’s Astrology
Guest Astrologer, Sunny Jonynas

TSUNAMI - December 26, 2004

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This incredibly powerful event that has changed life on this planet for millions of people has a very powerful astrology chart. The chart of the Tsunami has a very intense and rare astrological configuration as it’s focal point: The Grand Cross. This occurs when 4 planets square each other at 90 degree angles. A square in general, is considered a difficult aspect that makes it challenging to use power harmoniously.

The configuration gets it’s name from the two oppositions that are at 180 degrees. These oppositions form an equilateral cross in the middle of the chart. Oppositions are also difficult aspects, that indicate power struggles. The clashing of the two plates in the earth’s crust and the force expressing itself inharmoniously sums up the event.

The Grand Cross is focused on the four most important houses of the 12 in the horoscope: the Ascendant (physical body), Nadar (home), Descendant (relationships) and Mid heaven (career or public image).

On the Ascendant we have Chiron, the wounded healer, in the sign of Capricorn. The myth of Chiron is one of a man who suffered from a wound, that he learned to heal. He then, in turn, teaches other with the same wound to heal themselves. In this case, Chiron represents the wounded body of an entire part of the world and the wounded global governments and leaders at odds with each other.

In direct opposition to Chiron is Saturn in conjunction to the Descendant or house of relationships. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. This indicates a strong sense of responsibility. Saturn in Cancer represents our global family. Being that Saturn is in a water sign, it rules the collective unconscious. This is why this tragedy has touched us all so deeply. Saturn in Cancer wants us to be more caring and sensitive to each other. It also shows the loss and suffering of the families left behind.

The Moon’s south node is given the symbol of the dragon’s tail. It represents what has come from the past. It is like dragging the difficulties of the past behind you the way the dragon must drag it’s large tail. The node is in the sign of Scorpio, which represents the intense, sweeping away of resources and the inner transformation that this event has made on the global community.

The Moon’s north node, the dragon’s head, indicates what we look to in the future. It is in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign. This placement of the node indicates that we need to rebuild mother earth, our home. It suggests we need to heal mother earth and pool our global recourses for rebuilding the homes of those that were swept away.

The other planets in the chart and their aspects show more about this event. In the first house, Neptune, the ruler of the seas, is in the sign of Aquarius, which is the humanitarian sign. It was making a trine, or positive aspect, indicating easy flow of energy, to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter was in the sign partnership and balance, Libra. This suggests generous flow of assistance from foreign countries, global mutual concern and a desire to bring balance and harmony to the situation. The fact that Jupiter is in the 9th house of spirituality indicates that this is an opportunity to raise our global consciousness to a higher level by pulling together our resources to help others who have lived through this tragedy. It is giving people all over the world the opportunity to expand their heart by caring, loving and giving.

Four planets in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign countries and foreign aid, in the 11th house of humanitarian causes, evidence another indicator of the global outreach that has taken place.

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected upheaval, is also in the water sign of Pisces. It’s position in the second house of material resources and possessions, is another verification that this movement of water created an shocking trauma of material loss to this part of the world.

The moon was in the sign of Gemini, representing communication. It was in the 6th house of healing and service. The moon was opposing Pluto, also the planet of death and destruction, in Sagittarius in the 11th house. The opposition caused us to heal our global communication and not let the personal oppositions of each country stand in the way of being of service.

There are also many fixed stars that describe the disaster. Modern astrologers recognize that fixed stars carry an influence in a chart if they conjunct ( have the same degree, or are one degree away from) a planet or house cusp in a horoscope. The character of the star indicates the kind of influence.

The fixed star Plejades, on the fifth house cusp of children is called “Something to cry about”. It shows the great loss of children and the tears shed for them. Other fixed stars are as follows:

Mars,0 degree in Sagittarius— Toliman, “Learning the lessons of life”
Moon, 28 degrees in Gemini—Polaris, “To show the way”
Uranus, 3 degrees Pisces—“Success through noble ideas”
Neptune, 13 degrees Aquarius—Sirius “The mundane becoming sacred”
Pluto, 22 degrees Sagittarius —La Alhague, “The desire to heal the wound”
Moon’s north node, 0 degrees Taurus – Mirach, “In harmony to be receptive”
Part of Fortune, 15 degrees Cancer—Canopus, “ The pathfinder”.

To sum it up: This tragedy was not in vain. It gave us the opportunity to get together, pool our resources and love for a greater cause. Spiritual Light workers also had the opportunity to take lost souls to the Light. It opened our hearts and took Mother Earth to a higher level.

Sunny Jonynas

Gemstones/Mineral of the month


There are many magnificent colors of opals that range from black and dark blue to white, pink and green. They are known for changing colors when they are moved in the light. They are very much like the nature of the water sign Pisces, which has a mutable nature.

Opal helps the wearer to have clear, precise actions. This is helpful for those that wish to be free of inhibitions. It is good for strengthening the memory. It also helps one to instill faithfulness and loyalty in personal and business relationships.

It is known as the stone of “happy dreams”. It has been used by the Native American Indians to invoke visions on a Vision Quest. The Aborigines of Australia use this stone in their ceremonies to connect with their “Dreamtime”.

The opal has been used to awaken psychic abilities and understand the finer points of mysticism. On the physical level, Opal can be used to disperse infections. It has a very positive effect upon the kidneys and circulatory system. It is said to improve eyesight and to provide comfort as well as help in bringing about easy childbirth.


This month, the special is on channeling from the Assembly of Light. A 45 minute channeling that is usually $88.88 will be $70.00 This special will last one month.


I had a dream about a month ago that was depicted an earthquake or opening in the earth in 2006. I talked to two other psychics in Sedona that had similar dreams with the same year.

My gracious web master and myself are providing a place for you all to register your dreams about earth changes. When we get enough consensus on what appears to be the same type of event, I will be getting the information to larger segments of the public.

Everyone is able to have premonitions of events. The dream state is a time when everyone is most “psychic”. No names will be mentioned unless you ask for it to be printed.

Send a brief description of the dream and what you feel it means to: Abby@spiritualguidance.com



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