March 15, 2005

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Tsunami Aftermath: Troubled Souls Find Their Way Home

Channeling by Zorriah
through Abby Isadora Haydon

March 15, 2005

We would wish to thank you for your desire to communicate and bring forth knowledge and information. There are several entities that wish to speak through Abby. They wish to work with her in many different ways now that there has been an opening of her energies. There has been a great clearing of her energy fields. It is possible for new and dynamic energies to come forth.

In attendance there are many different energies here that would wish to bring forth communication. We wish to bring forth the energy of one who is called Zorriah. This being wishes to connect with your publications and the work that you are doing. It is bringing information to many more people. There are many who will be benefiting from this.

Zorriah: We wish to speak to you dear ones. There are many new adventures that are coming to your planet. There has been a great disaster here upon your planet. This disaster has brought forth difficulties to many. You are now in a situation where many have been alerted and brought forth many types of communication from this tragedy.
In looking back upon this, this has been a great healing for the planet. It has released many souls from the planet who were suffering on many levels. It has also opened the hearts of those who are able to bring energy and healing to the planet. Even though there have been great difficulties that have arisen in this situation, a great connection and communication of individuals has been created. This is one of the beauties that have come forth from this difficult situation.

There have been many who have passed to the Light easily. There have been many in the physical form now who have been assisting with this transition to the Light. There are still many confused souls who are still hovering in this locality. We would wish to have you all focus upon creating a portal of Light in the areas where this tragedy has transpired. You will find that there are still those that need to transition. We would encourage individuals not to travel in these areas. There are many souls that would wish to attach to the bodies of the living. They are confused and feel that they need stability.

It is important not to go there in the physical, but to send of energy to this area. A beautiful portal of Light is now being formed throughout the whole area of the disaster. The focus area is Sri Lanka. Realize that when you send your energy there, you create a connection to this area. Allow your attention to go there. This will assist many in making a transition. They must see the Light. The Light must be brought forth to help them make this transition.

Many individuals in the physical body are feeling confusion from the energetic aftermath and the energy of those beings that are still confused and wandering the earth. Those of you that have abilities to connect with the departed ones, we would encourage you to work with them and perceive what their needs are. There are many that can serve in this capacity, even though they have not had formal training. If you have had a dream about this situation, or you have felt an understanding about this situation in the dream state, this means that you have a connection to this situation. We would encourage you to be open to assisting with this situation. Please focus you attention, your Light on this portal area that is beginning to open.

On March 25th, this portal will be able to open fully. Those that have not been able to bring forth the release of the earth plane will be able to exit at this time. We ask that all individuals focus their attention on this date. Anytime during the evening of March 24th and the whole day of March 25th. Please spend some time directing your attention to these beings that are in great need. It will be a very beautiful experience for all to participate.

There are many who have been trained in this type of work. If they may gather with those who are of open heart, but have no training, this will be a wonderful work that they can share. If you are in a group, we would encourage you all to hold hands. Be willing to sit in meditation. Have a candle that is in the center of your group. Know that this candle represents the light that you are manifesting. It represents the openings that are now coming forth now. Sit and focus on creating a doorway to the Light. See the Light energy there. Know that you are connecting to it. In doing this, you are creating a beautiful stairway of light that will help these troubled beings climb to the heights of Divine Energy that they have the right to experience. It is a stairway to take them away from the experience of being trapped within the energy fields of this earth.

This is a way that you can help. It does not entail the use of money. It does not require anything material. It simply needs the energies of your mind and your heart. As this opening to the Light is created, it will act as an energetic magnet to attract these confused and lost souls. There are so many that have died in confusion. They did not know what was happening to them. They died instantaneously in a violent way. Many have transitioned to the Light already. There are still many floating around that are not capable of understanding what has happened to them. The light beings that had come from other dimensions to be of service have now left the area. This is a “clean up” that needs to take place. There is a lot of energy that is trapped from the tormented consciousnesses of those souls. It is important to form these groups with individuals with whom you feel comfortable. In doing these types of meditations and visualizations, you are projecting the light force toward opening this great and powerful portal in this area. There are pockets of beings that are “huddled” together now. They are confused. They are beginning to bring trauma to the minds and the hearts of individuals all over the world that are able to perceive them. They must find their way home. It is important that they are gone from the energy fields of this planet. If they are not released and transformed to another level of consciousness, they will create unpleasant effects upon your planet. They will be “bringing down” the consciousness that you light workers have tried so hard to raise up.

This great upheaval of energy has been valuable in many ways. It has removed much negativity from the core of the earth. It has allowed for clearing of the energies that are within the planet. Yet it has created much havoc on the surface of the planet where humanity lives. This problem needs to be healed.

There are many challenges coming to this planet within this year. For this reason, it is important that the energy here be clear. It is important of these trapped beings be released so they do not complicate the potential for personal growth. When you focus your energy at this time, it will help greatly to bring a cleansing and release of this unfortunate aftermath of the earth’s adjustments. Many who are in the physical body are still feeling the trauma, even at this late date. Your hearts will be purified of this tragedy as well, at this time. If you are still feeling the upset from these events, it is important that you focus your energy in these group situations.

You are capable of assisting with this correction that is greatly needed upon the earth at this moment. Those of you, who are open in heart and mind and look to the Light, have many ways in which to use your energy. By releasing these souls, your energy fields will be purified as well. These troubled ones will not be occupying your consciousness. In the dream state, you have access to other realms of consciousness. It is also in this state that other realms of consciousness have access to you. Many have had dreams about this event and its trauma. It is a direct connection to the energy of this event. To free yourself from this trauma is as important as helping those who are trapped. As they are released and connected with the peace that is waiting for them, it will be that you all will feel more peaceful as well. So, Divine Ones, realize that you are capable of this and so much more. We wish you to know that you are all capable of helping with this situation. The planet is now ready for this. Participating in this event on the 25th of March will bring closure to this event and help the rest of the year go more smoothly. There is too much congestion and trauma that is still within the atmosphere. An event of this size has not happened on this planet for many, many centuries. There are so many more beings on this planet then ever before.

You all have such great capabilities. There are such beautiful potentials within you. To assist with this situation will help those who have been a little timid about using these gifts. You will now begin to rise up and be part of healing this global phenomenon. Do not sit in your rooms at night and feel the sadness and pain of this situation. You are capable of healing this. All are very capable of bringing forth this change. Bring your beauties and potentials to the surface. Some of you have worked so hard to bring about the healing of yourself. You cannot experience the fullness of your nature while this trauma is in the atmosphere. Realize, my Divine Ones, that you are divine. You have many gifts to bring forth.

There are many powerful events that will be taking place in this year. Some will be on the level of energetic experiences. Some will be having great effect on the physical body of this planet. To ride these other waves smoothly, it is important to release the obstructions and clear out the energies of this last tragic event. There is just a little residue that needs to be cleaned up. These energies need to go to the higher, more evolved dimensions that are available everywhere in creation.

We also bring you information on bringing calming to the energies of the planet. There is much disruptive energy within the energy fields of the planet. There is a lot of activity within your solar system. There is much happening to the beautiful sun that gives you so much in so many ways.

Your next project will be coming up in the late spring. We will be communicating with you again. There will also be events coming up in August and September that your attention will be needed for. Many will sit in their home and think, “What can I do? I have nothing to offer. I’m a little person. I do not have the ability to change the events of the world” But how wrong you are!!!

Your minds focused together upon areas of crisis can bring a great change. It is time for you all to band together and focus your attention upon the calming and healing Mother Earth. You can heal the oceans and the fire that is deep within her. We would encourage you to focus your attention every day. See Mother Earth calm and peaceful. If you do this every day, it can make the changes that the planet is going through calm and peaceful. In your daily meditations, on your walks, while you are driving your car, see your earth being calm and peaceful. As you focus your attention in this way, Mother Earth will hear you. She will smile from the depths of the fires that are within her. It is good to be diligent in your desire to help heal the planet. Make it part of your daily ritual. See the seas calm. See the volcanoes active but not erupting. See the earth moving but not exploding. These changes in the earth must be brought forth, but they may proceed in a softer, calmer manner. It is good to do ceremonies and prayers for peaceful transition of the earth. You will be able to have a powerful effect. You will be amazed at how peaceful these transitions can be. There is something to do every day. Create your own prayer for the peaceful transition of the planet into more profound levels of life experience. As you see this every day, so will it be. Help your earth birth a new consciousness and a new way of being.



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