April 6, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Greetings
  • New channeling by Zorriah--Growing Pains
  • Abby's Astrology--Guest Astrologer Julie Alcorn
  • Special of the Month
  • Sedona Group Channelings

Abby Haydon


Zorriah has come again! I enjoy channeling this new energy. I feel that Zorriah has a lot to say about the earth changes and how it influences us. I feel that some entirely new topics will emerge when Zorriah speaks. I know we all are looking forward to that!

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Channeling by Zorriah
through Abby Isadora Haydon

April 6, 2005

We would like to thank you for being here this evening. You are open to new ideas and new suggestions. We are a new consciousness coming through. We have wished to communicate with this one through whom we speak for many months now. It is now time for us to bring forth this new connection. It is time for her to work in a different way and be part of the new situation that is coming forth. It is the consciousness of Zorriah that is bringing forth this information.

Zorriah is working with her because she has great opportunities to bring forth this knowledge. There are many new situations coming forth for her that will open many communications from other beings.

You are now having the experience of many things affecting your body and your energy fields. These new energies that are coming to your planet and the way they affect others is tending to make situations difficult for you. Many have been having many difficult struggles. Their lives are changing. The connections that they have to others now seem to have evaporated. Connections seem to have lost their energy and structure. Now people that surround you have become like strangers. This has happened to many. They have brought forth new directions for many individuals.

Know that it is good to release what is not serving you. It is good to be free of that which does not bring forth happiness and harmony. If you are feeling this challenge within yourself, it is important for you to honor the callings of your heart. Honor these new ideas and directions. Allow yourself to form a new life, new experience and new direction.

Many changes are coming for individuals this year and the next. There will be many changes in the energies of the earth. These changes will come within the earth and upon the surface of it. This will bring changes within you as well, for you are affected by it. You are affected greatly by the magnetic pulls, the energy fields and the new configurations that are coming forth here now upon this planet. You have many changes happening within yourself.

Many of you will be feeling physical discomforts. There may be headaches, nausea, fatigue and despair. All of this is part of the activity that are taking effect within your bodies. Your energy fields are changing because the energy fields of the earth are changing as well. You are now bringing forth changes within your body so that you can be a greater antenna for the new energies coming in. This will also assist communication with many guides and teachers that would wish to work with you.

The physical changes that are happening for many will come in spurts. There will be times when you will be feeling good and days of sadness, nausea, headaches and watering of the eyes. You may also feel periods of inability to focus upon your life. Do not feel that you are having physical problems.

It is not necessary for you to go to the doctors that you have here upon this planet. Many would feel more comfortable knowing that there is nothing physically wrong with them. You would be spending much time and money researching these symptoms and become frustrated when no one could tell you why you are feeling this way.

The cause is not starting within the physical body. The cause is coming from the outside. It is impacting or affecting the physical body. This makes the functioning of the body different. It is not that something within your body is malfunctioning; it is you’re your system is not adjusted to the new energies that are coming in. This situation has become even stronger since the great change, that you call the Tsunami, has taken place upon the planet.

There will be other changes upon the earth. Not as dramatic and traumatic as the last one. Even a little earthquake in California or a little tremor in Peru, Mexico or Europe will affect your feelings. It will affect your consciousness and physical body as well.

Maintaining a positive attitude is very important. Know that it is not really you and that you do not need to go to the mental institution. This is not the outcome for you. The outcome is that you will have adapted to these new energies. You will be mutating. These experiences that you are having are the result of several changes in the physical body and it’s corresponding energy fields. These changes that you are having are important. They are showing you that something IS happening. You are changing. The change is not just in your mind. It is not just your beliefs that are changing. You are physically changing to adapt to this new consciousness that is manifesting.

These influences are coming from outside the planet. There are many influences such as the Photon Belt and other celestial bodies that are coming into range to influence Earth. All of these things are compounding to make changes upon your physical body.

The physical body of this beautiful planet that you are living on is changing as well. Both you and the earth are going through many changes. The physical structure of the earth as well as your physical structure is being rerouted. The circuitry of your physical system and the circuitry of the earth are being changed. Many of you know this circuitry to be the lay lines, grid lines and the magnetic lines that travel throughout the earth. All of these are moving and changing. You are moving, the earth is moving, and all are changing together.

These changes may make you feel that you need to be alone for many hours or even many days. You should go out in nature.

Going out in nature will enhance the connection to these changes that are taking place. This is one of the suggestions that we would wish to give to you when you are feeling physical or emotional discomfort. This is also good when you feel unable to focus your mind or balance your checkbook. It is good to go out into nature. It is good to sit upon a rock. Put your feet in the stream. Look at the birds that are singing and flying by. These things will sooth you. Connecting with the earth and sitting upon the land, blending with these energies will sooth many of your problems. It will take away the headache, nausea or lethargy that you may be feeling.

This is helping you to attune to the earth. It is helping you to blend with the different frequencies that are being created now. You are changing. There is no going back. You must fulfill this change. You must know that this is something that all will be going through, to some degree or another. Some will feel it more because they are more receptive to the earth. They are more sensitive to the energies that are changing this planet.

This is an experience that must happen. Do not feel uncomfortable. Do not feel that there is something wrong with you. Do not feel that you must find a cure for these symptoms. This will pass. It will come in stages. It will come in blocks of time where you will be experiencing all these symptoms or calamities that will seem to be plaguing you. These situations are not from growing older, eating the wrong food or air pollution. This is happening because you are changing. Your body is going through growing pains.

Your mind and emotions are linked by the many energy fields that connect into your body. This has often been called the aura. You are growing into a new being physically, mentally and emotionally.

You are also coming to attune more with the frequencies not just of this earth, but of this galaxy and the galactic center. The galactic center is the core of the energy that is working upon you. The galactic center is changing as well everything that is touched by it. The galactic center radiates energy. Even though your planet is very, very far away, it is being influenced greatly.

We also have other suggestions that you may or may not utilize. We would like to make a distinction between physical and emotional distress. When you are feeling physical discomfort of headaches, stomach aches or aches in the joints, it is good submerge the body in warm water. Take a bath. Have different types of essential oils in the bath. The ones that are relaxing such as lavender and chamomile are very good. Sit in the bath for three quarters of an hour. It seems a long time to sit in a bath, so find things to do. Read an uplifting book or listen to music. You will find that you will be feeling much, much better after this period of time. When you are ready to leave the bath, it is important to wash your body. This will release the distortions of your energy fields that are still in the water that clings to your body.

We would also wish you to do something that many will think very scandalous, which it to eat things that are sweet. If you feel it is important to eat things that are wholesome for you, eat sweets that are made with honey and whole foods. Fruit is one of the best things to eat when you are feeling these growing pains. The fruit may be cooked or fresh. This will help you to balance your energy fields.

The last thing that we would suggest is to listen to music that you find uplifting and calming. Your classical music has this affect on individuals.

Doing some of these things will help release the tension that is building up in the body. There are many areas of the physical body that will be changing. You will find that after a while you may look very different, even though it is the same face and body. Eventually, when this process stops, which may take three to four years to complete, the body will be functioning much better and you will be feeling much better. You will feel more alive. You will feel more at peace. You will feel in tune with nature. When you look at a person, animal or object, you will see many levels of it. You will also find that the senses will expand greatly. Touch will have many more dimensions to it. You will find that these changes are for a purpose. Many new aspects of the human form are about to emerge. These many influences that are affecting you are energizing your form and helping it to bring forth it’s potential. This may not be an easy process. You may not find it comforting. Think of this as the growing pains that you must experience to go to a new frequency.

These changes are creating greater harmony within your mind and emotions. That is the goal. There is a purpose in all of this. It is taking you in the direction of greater love, beauty and light. It is helping you to have greater appreciation of the Divine God Self.

It is this ability to see the God Essence in others that will bring the great healing that you are all seeking upon this planet. The desire for peace and unity is being sought. Your body, mind and emotions are coming to achieve this aspiration. This is the goal of this great transition.

As your body is in greater harmony, so will your planet be. As you come to a greater state of perfection, so will be your world. Many feel that your world is in great chaos and trauma. There is great negativity. There is so much senseless destruction and upheaval created by those that which to possess what no human could possess: The Earth. They wish to posses what no one should wish to possess, which is another human being.

You are wondering how this new age is going to come about? It doesn’t seem like it is happening. Are you sure???

Now you are aware that the change is happening through the energy that you radiate. As you radiate a more harmonious frequency you will see that peace will begin to be born upon this planet.

You are so intimately linked to the earth. What affects you affects it as well. You and the earth are growing together. When the changes are complete, a more powerful energy will be coming through you all and the earth you live on.

When this new frequency is fully enlivened within you, just breathing, eating and sleeping will help to heal your planet. Now you just see the small picture: your head hurts, your stomach hurts, you can’t pay attention and you are tired. These are all things of the moment. It is like taking medicine. It may not taste good at the time, but it makes you better.

The big picture is that when all these changes are complete, it will usher in the peace and harmony that all hope for in their hearts.

Abby’s Astrology
Guest Astrologer, Julie Alcorn

(Reference Map of Eclipse path .jpg or .pdf)

As the New Moon and Solar Eclipse are both a time of beginnings, initiation, renewed energy and vitality, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are both a time of fruition, a time when issues, problems, or projects are finalized or resolved. Often times the Lunar Eclipse will deliver what the Solar Eclipse began. It will usually bring matters to a head and it generally creates endings that are permanent. For example: If you have a Lunar Eclipse that falls into your seventh house of marriage and relationships, and you and your lover decide to "take a break" for a little while, it more than likely will turn out to be permanent. I'll give other examples of what can be expected depending on the house affected.

If the Lunar Eclipse falls in your first house then what ever type of new seed you may have planted for yourself to obtain, or the personal growth you began cultivating will come to fruition. You will gain (complete) to the degree you put the energy out there to begin with, all that you put into the endeavor.

In the second house, you will probably feel the need to pay off all your credit cards or create a revised budget plan for yourself. One that you will stick with and profit wisely from. Of course if you have not planned well, you may loose plenty. In either cases you will be dealing with money, finances and values.

The third house sees you now fully developed in a skill you wanted to perfect. You may now be able to take that trip that has been planned for some time. If you have wanted to travel and do lectures it will more than likely come into being that you have an opportunity to do so that is long term. Maybe you will finally end that (long time) fight with a sibling, or maybe one moves in with you for a while.

In the fourth, final papers can be signed on the mortgage or the buying/selling of a home is final. One of your parents may suddenly appear, or leave-

The fifth brings commitment to that love affair that you began and have not been real sure what to do with. If you have had writers block or not had the right feelings to complete any creative projects you have started, now is the time you will find renewed energy to do so.

The Lunar Eclipse in the sixth house will show you how you have treated your body- and mind. If you have been good to them you will have a solid foundation to work from for quite some time to come. You may make or break a habit- and this also includes habits that bring your life a good work ethic in your daily routine.

The seventh we spoke about in the begriming, but also there could be a contract signed for business partners that are in for a really profitable year ahead. Or something could have run it's course and you decide to go off into business on your own.

With the eighth house there could be a death in the environment. Not necessarily someone in your close family environment. It may be time to revise your financial investments, maybe move some money around. A good time to get your will or trust in order. Uncle Sam may play some sort of role.

In the ninth house, you may be making plans to travel but more than likely you will finalize the plans or may be just coming home from a trip abroad. Possibly you now have the lessons learned that will give your life new and higher meaning spiritually. You or someone close may leave school and not wish to return.

In the tenth house you may decide to leave your job or even your career. Possibly someone slanders you or you or you are given an award for your accomplishments. Authority figures play a huge role for good or ill.

The eleventh house is about social standing but also about wishes and hopes. You could take on a more prominent role in some organization or decide to leave the whole thing behind. Something you have wanted for a very long time may now arrive and bring much happiness. New friends may enter your life but most likely old ones who have been a bother will leave.

The twelfth house is a "challenging house" for a Lunar Eclipse. Watch yourself very carefully and be aware that it's possible you may, without even realizing it, begin to pull up old laid to rest personal demons that wreak havoc in your life. If you are prone to self destruction, this is really not such a good time for you to get into any partying. This may be the perfect time to get into some sort of therapy and clean out the cobwebs in your psyche. You can work easily through hidden issues now and/or take care of any unfinished business. If you have already done a lot of personal work you will do pretty good through this eclipse.

Julie Alcorn
Think Globally, Dream Universally


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