May 9, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Greetings
  • Channeling: Transforming the Chakra Centers by Zorriah
  • Abby's Astrology-- Mars conjunct Uranus and Neptune retrograde
  • New Seminar: Prayers for the Planet
  • Monthly special: Vortex Tours
  • Group Channelings in Sedona May 24th

Abby Haydon


This is the third time that Zorriah has come through. I guess tht we can expect to hear a lot more from them. I am finding the change interesting. Zorriah does speak on some interesting topics. I am getting used to this different energy coming through and I am looking forward to having a bit more variety in the energies that speak.

I am also announcing a new seminar that I will be teaching in the fall. It is called Prayers for the Planet. I will explain all about it later in the newsletter. My life is changing in many ways and a lot of areas of my life are all new. It’s a good thing!

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Channeling by Zorriah
through Abby Isadora Haydon

May 9, 2005

It is Zorriah speaking to you again. We will be speaking to you for some time. There will be other energies coming forth as well. Now is the time for us to communicate with you, for we are another group energy. We are similar to the group that has been coming through for many years. We have a different perspective and different focus. We are able to bring forth different types of communication then the beings that have worked with this channel. This evening we will be talking about creating new energies within you. We will help you to create new energy fields that you may work with.

The human body has many potentials within it. We will help you to bring forth some of it’s potentials. What we are discussing will be coming forth for many individuals in the next five years. You will be able to utilize your bodies in different ways. We are talking to you of the potentials you have to create changes in the energy fields that emanate from the centers of the body.

Many have thought of these centers for many years as that which has been described as charkas. This is a term coming from an ancient culture. They are really energy centers. These are places where energy comes through the body. The energies for your life, and what you are capable of doing comes through your body first and then into your world. It comes from the top of the head and goes down through these different energy centers. The energy leaves through the feet. There is a cycle of energy that is constantly working with your body. It is constantly being utilized.

We know that many individuals are aware of these centers. We would wish to speak of a different way to utilize these centers. We will speak of a different way in which to use the energy of these centers to bring forth manifestation. These different centers are connected to different areas of your life. There are many levels of utilization that these centers can bring forth.

Now, most individuals are not focusing their attention on these energy centers. You are not utilizing them in the way that they are capable of being utilized. There have been no through teachings on how to utilize these centers. This knowledge been lost to mankind for it has been buried within the teaching of many ancient civilizations. The Egyptians, the Hebrews, Hindus and many other ancient cultures were functioning at a time when the body, mind, emotions and spirit were in harmony with this knowledge. Much of the understanding has gone by the wayside. It is now time for this understanding to return. It is time for individuals to work with these energy centers in a more advanced way. These centers of the body, where energy comes and goes, are being under utilized at this particular time. They are only partially understood and used to bring forth creation. Now most individuals do not focus their attention on these centers. They do not stimulate them. They do not have visions for each one of their centers that are symbols of what they would wish to manifest through them.

At this present time, these centers, which are being used to bring forth creation on this earth, are not used to their full capacity. We are now bringing forth information to assist you in using these centers of your body.

We would wish you to think of each of these energy centers of the body as a lens of a camera. This something that most are familiar with. The lens of the camera is able to focus light upon something outside of itself. If you have the lens of the camera and you put a blue filter, what comes forth will have a blue tint. If you wish to have your picture look soft and hazy, you will put another type of filter over the lens of the camera. It will change the exposure. It will change the finished product. The energy centers of the body are bringing through energy but the best filters for the lens are not in place. You are not refining the way that you wish the energy from each center to be focused and directed. This makes it difficult for you to manifest what you desire in certain areas of your life. Although there is some understanding of these energy centers, using them is not understood. So this results in your inability to manifest the results you seek in the areas such as financial abundance, relationships and peace within yourself.

In order to have a greater say in what manifests through the chakra or energy centers of the body, you must create an energy field or what you may think of as a vision for each of these centers. You must be clear on what you would wish to manifest through them. These centers are imprinted with a certain concepts or perspectives on life during the first three years of life. What the little child sees in the world around them such as relationships, money, success, love is imprinted in a visual statement within each energy center. In order for you to change these imprints to suit the life your higher aspects wish to express, you must release the old picture and put a new vision or visual imprint in each center. The ancient Egyptians had an understanding of this concept. They would use the instruments called the crook and the flail, on the back of the spine, to open and expand the flow of energy through the energy centers with the sounds that they produced. These two objects were used to make sounds and also were tapped upon the back. This would focus the energy coming through the body’s energy centers. One who was able to utilize this was one who was in control of all aspects of their destiny. This is why many of the kings and queens held these objects. It showed that they were able to manipulate reality to their desires.

There are many ways to manipulate the energy centers. The energy comes out through the back of the body, through the spine, as well as the front of the body. To look upon these energy centers and to create a vision, which you would wish this center to manifest, is one way to use these centers to their utmost abilities. You need to imprint your new visions on the front or the back of the body.

Each center has it’s area of life experience that relates to human life and to existence on this planet. The first area, that many call the root chakra, is at the base of the spine. This area governs your connection to the earth. It governs your basic needs and primal existence. It works on the concept of survival and primal instincts. It is one of the centers that governs your physical reality.

The second chakra is in the area of the reproductive system. These areas, both front and back, bring about manifestation and creation. It is one step above survival.
The third center is in the area of the abdomen. It is the area of personality and will. It reflects how you see yourself as an individual.

The area called the heart chakra is the area where emotions are able to leave the body. Emotions that are productive and unproductive may flow through this center. It is a good place to release unwanted feelings.

The throat center is the area of communication. It is the area where verbal communication comes forth. In future years, it will also become know for the center of telepathic communication.

The higher functioning centers of the brow and the crown, are there to help you connect with your spirit guides and with divine energy. The brow center is where guides and teachers connect with your conscious awareness. The center on the top of the head, is where energy comes in to the body. It is associated with pure energy. It is associated with Divine Light and Love.

Many humans have conceptualized these centers. They have placed color and sounds with them, which is very beautiful indeed.

The ability to focus ideas upon these centers is the new perspective that we wish to share with you. To make changes in these centers, you must focus the mental and emotional bodies in two different ways.

First there is the cleansing concept. We would suggest that you clean the centers of the concepts that no longer serve you, or that are not helping you to utilize your potential. It is best to create parameters for what you wish to cleanse. Use the power of intent to cleanse all the negative imprints that you may have about money from the second chakra, for example. Mentally focus your attention, with eyes closed, on the reproductive system. See the imprints that you would wish to target, the ones that no longer serve you, appearing as a dark brown or sludge color. Next see a swirling, spiraling white light going to the area and absorbing all these dark masses as it moves around the body in a circle. You may also see the white spiral going through the body and pulling out dark masses with it’s powerful, concentrated brightness. The white light will take the dark masses out of the energy fields and dispose of them.

Next see a bubble of white light and see a scene or image that comes to you of financial abundance inside the bubble. The image that is most powerful for you of financial abundance will come. See this bubble fitting over the front of the body or the back. It does not matter which place it goes to first. Then see another bubble, exactly like the first, with the same scene or symbol, fitting into the opposite side of the body. See or sense these bubbles locking into place. Once you bring these bubbles to the proper areas, they will know where they wish to fit into your energy fields. It will feel as if something is clicking into place.

You may do this for all the centers in one session, or just one. Eventually there will be changes in all the centers. These changes may happen spontaneously, without your conscious mind appearing to create them, once you begin the process. It may happen spontaneously when you are asleep, or very relaxed.

Allow yourself to sit with these ideas. Think of these centers, think of what you wish to change and what you wish to replace. Allow some ideas to formulate before you go into this process. Give yourself seven days of thinking about this process and your new images before you begin the cleansing and healing process. The concepts that are best for you will emerge at the right time. This time period will allow any resistance to transmuting these concepts to lose their power.

This new image will last for thirty days. You will need to reenergize it two more times in thirty-day intervals to have it “stick”.

This is a new idea. It is an expansion of the ideas that many have of their energy fields. As you grasp these new concepts and make them your own, you will realize that manifestation is intimately connected to many aspects of your body.

You may compare these new concepts to the idea that there is complex manual for the care and use of your body. Your problem is that you are only two years old and can’t read it properly. We will be here to translate for you. We will help you see that each part of your body is very connected to the outer aspects of your world. We will help you find and put together the pieces of what now seems like a great puzzle of how life can be happy on your world. It is the puzzle of the evolution of consciousness on this planet. It is a puzzle that has a space waiting and open for you.

Abby’s Astrology
Uranus conjuncts Mars (oh my!) and Neptune goes Retrograde

There are two Astrological happenings in the month of May. The most dramatic one is the conjunction of transiting Mars and transiting Uranus. This powerful, possibly explosive connection of these two dramatic planets will only last for about 10 days this month, from about the 10th of the month to the 20th.Even though this aspect occurs every two and a half years, as Mars makes it’s way around to zodiac, it could motivate you to make big changes that effect the course of your life. Many people that I have talked to in April are already feeling the potency of this planetary connection.

When these two “hot heads” of the solar system get together, it can cause a person to have a great desire for freedom. You may want to be free of what is suppressing your personality. You might want to get out of the dead end job or the listless relationship. You could have an overwhelming desire to go into the boss and give your resignation for no apparent reason. Or you may have an explosive argument and leave a job or relationship in a fit of anger. These feelings will come up, but it is important not to get intoxicated on the taste of freedom that you will be experiencing. I would suggest that you not act on these desires before you have a chance to examine them closely.

You may feel that change is good, after looking at all the angles. This conjunction can give you the impetus to change something in your life that has needed changing for a long time. It may give you the desire to change your behavior in a relationship that are long over due. If you feel that is the case, then go for it! Remember, however, that at the end of May, when the influence is departing, that you may look back and think, “What on earth made me want to do that?” It wasn’t anything on earth, but in the sky!

This is also a time when accidents can occur. It is good to avoid guns and explosives. It is also a time when you may have problems with cars and other machinery. Not a good time for a cross-country drive. Be careful when you go to the gym not to trip over dumbbells. The machinery in an athletic club is Mars heaven!

When Neptune in Aquarius goes Retrograde on the 19th of this month, it will begin a five month period of the where delusion, chaos and escapism may over ride the influence of mental focus that Aquarius brings to Neptune. You may find yourself watching the SI FI Channel for hours on end, getting lost in Aquarian futuristic fantasy.

Neptune in Retrograde can make problems seem overwhelming and make you feel that it is hard to find clear solutions. You may find it difficult to manifest goals at that time.
Retrograde Neptune also brings up that desire to retreat to your cave. You may find yourself craving privacy.

It is a time when your imagination can run wild.

On the up side, it is a time when greater sensitivity and psychic abilities may come to the surface. You may find yourself wanting to be more creative with art and other images. If you are familiar with your birth chart, and know what house Neptune is in during this period, you can pin point the areas of your life that will be hardest hit. If Neptune is in your first house, you may get more creative with your appearance. If Neptune is transiting your fourth house, you might have some interesting ideas come about redecorating your home. Every astrological aspect has it’s positive and negative potentials. The important thing is to know how a planet is affecting certain areas of your life. Then you can say to yourself, “This too will pass!”

New Seminar: Prayers for the Planet

This seminar is born out of a dream that was posted in the 3rd issue of Light Waves. This is the issue that focused on the Tsunami. It was a dream that was sent to me. The first part of the dream talked about the energy that could be seen around the planet from the ceremonies that are done once or twice a year. They were a gray color, because they were too slow. “ Mother Earth can no longer wait for us to enter the circles at the once or twice a year pace…..Now is the time to do ceremonies.”

I didn’t think too much about the dream. A few weeks later, the idea for this seminar came to me very strongly. I knew at the time that it was inspired by the dream in Light Waves #3.

The full title of the seminar is Prayers for the Planet, Prayers for Others, Prayers for Ourselves. The seminar will consist of an evening meeting and then two full days of ceremony and prayer at the major vortex spots in Sedona, Arizona. The goal of this gathering will be to send love, gratitude, hope, joy and peace to Mother Earth. In doing so, it is our desire to help her make an easy transition to a new state of consciousness. It is our hope that our prayers will help sooth Mother Earth so that the earth changes that are coming may be gentle.

We will utilize the Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth, Mayan Calendar Astrology, Sacred Space and shamanic drumming in our ceremonies. During these times, we will also be sending out prayers for those we know who are in need of assistance and prayers for our personal healing and growth.

The gatherings will start on the Harvest Full Moon in September where we will give thanks for all that Mother Earth gives us. There will be three in October and two in November. I am encouraging everyone who attends to bring their drums, rattles and objects that they feel are sacred to them. We will have a group alter for all the ceremonies. I will be discussing other aspects of the seminar in future issues of Light Waves.


For the next thirty days I will take $50 off the price of a vortex tour. It is a great time to be at the vortexes!

Group channelings in Sedona, AZ

The next open channeling will be on May 24th. It will be at the Sedona Adult Community Center again. The time is 7 pm and the donation is $15. If you have any questions about it, call 928-204-5617



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