June 16, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Hello from Abby
  • Channeling by the Assembly of Light: The Gifts of the Fairies
  • Abby's Astrology: The Summer Solstice and Astrological Relationship
  • Monthly Discount: Relationship Readings'
  • Prayers for the Planet Seminar: Honoring the directions and elements

Abby Haydon


Hello! This is an interesting issue. I have been able to type a channeling that came through last year at this time. I was going through a lot of personal turmoil and intense planetary oppositions last year at this time, and I was never able to finish it. Thank goddness things have calmed down! This channeling is from The Assembly of Light. It is a lovely piece on the Fairies and the energy of the earth.

I find it interesting that the Fairies were concerned about the earth changes (Tsunami) that happened in December of last year. This piece is inspires us all to enhance our connection with Nature.

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The Gifts of the Fairies

Channeling by The Assembly of Light
through Abby Isadora Haydon

June 16, 2005

We would wish to thank you for your desire to grow and to bring forth the beauties that are inside of yourself. Many new talents are coming forth for individuals. One of these talents that we would wish to speak of is the ability to communicate with the earth. This is the ability to perceive the energy fields of the earth. This is not only the plants, trees and the soil, but the beings that reside on this frequency as well. This is a very beautiful aspect indeed. It can be thought of as communicating with the devic realms. This would be called fairies, elves and elementals and many of what have been termed in ancient cultures as the little people. They are very connected to the earth and it's energies. These little beings gravitate towards energy centers just the way humans do. They have the ability to congregate in places where the plant and earth energies have produced many beauties. These delightful little beings are assisting you and the earth in many ways.

They realize that there is a crisis coming forth upon the earth. This crisis is affecting the energy fields of the planet. These fields are in the process of much change. They are feeling concern about the changes that are also happening within the center of the planet as well as the outer surface.

These beings are in harmony with whatever stage the earth happens to be in. They are concerned about the many life forms that are here upon the planet that they consider them to be their friends. These are the trees, plants, birds and animals. These creatures are strongly connected to the earth. Even though they appreciate human kind, they feel greater resonance with the plant and animal kingdoms. Now is the time when humans are beginning to connect with these spiritual earth energies.
The Summer is the time when the great energies of the fairy and devic realms reach their great height in this hemisphere. At the height of summer they are most active. As the autumn approaches, they go into a decline in the northern hemisphere. They become reclusive in the winter months. They do not do this because of the temperature, but because of the sunlight. In these places on the earth, it is dark and dreary at these times.

There are devic beings on all places upon the earth. Those that are in the desert land circulate in the winter as well as the summer. They are more active when it is sunny. In the times of less sunlight, the fairies hibernate or experience what they call communion with the earth and it's energy fields. This is like a period of great meditation, where the fairies resonate with the earth as it is going through it's changes.

They are more active at times when there is more plant and animal growth upon the earth. They are energized as the earth is energized. They are open as the flowers open in the spring.

It is hoped that these beings will be able to communicate with humans more fully as humans become refined and open to experience the frequencies of these realms. As the human body begins to evolve, as openings in consciousness begin to manifest, humans will be able to perceive these delicate realms with their eyes and ears.
Those in the devic realms are like humans in some ways. Some are highly evolved some are less evolved. Due to their connection with nature and their ability to be in harmony with it, they may appear more evolved to humans. Many humans are not in touch with the energies of the earth and do not honor it. The devic realms have much to teach humans.

When there is better communication between these this kingdom and humans, there will be much learning and honor. These beings understand the plants and the trees, the "wild" animals. The fairies and elementals have the ability to change their frequency, which you may think of as their form, to connect with the water, trees, land and flowers in a way that humans are presently not capable of doing. There will be great teachers who will share the true knowledge of these realms when the communication improves.

Much of the information that is brought forth now about fairies is fantasy of the human mind. Many depictions that are available now are not what they actually look like. They do not truly depict their personalities. They have their emotional, physical and mental weak spots, as humans do. Their connection of the earth and all that grows upon it gives them a greater sense of unity. They find it easier to work together, even though they have their own impressions and perspectives. It is their great resonance with the earth that gives them their great beauty, spirituality and essence. This is a gift that they have that they will eventually be able to share with humans.

All that is possible to be experienced upon this earth is waiting for humans to become evolved enough to perceive. This includes the devic realms, the spiritual masters and teachers that walk the earth with you every day. It includes the angelic realms that resonate with the atmosphere and the frequencies of the earth. They lower their vibrations to connect with humans when it is necessary. There are so many levels of existence that humans are not yet able to perceive.

The ability to see all these frequencies is beginning to manifest. You may go to a deserted mountain top, field or glen and if you are able to perceive these subtler vibrations and frequencies, you will see that the earth plane is very crowded. You may be the only human in this spot, yet there are many levels of existence with you.
The fairies, devas, elves, leprechauns, and other elementals are standing there with you when you perceive the beauty of the sunset. These beings are here for their own experience, but they are also here to work with you. They love to be around you when you are attuning to the energy of the earth. They cannot intrude upon your thought patterns and life course. They can only assist you when you perceive them and are able to know of their presence and receive the impressions that they send to you.
These different energies wish to assist you. They have wisdom and knowledge that are there for you. As your consciousness becomes more refined, as the blocks and obstacles fall away, you will be able to sense and interact with them.
Realize that there are many colors and objects that attract them. They enjoy shiny objects, crystals, and bright colors. They enjoy the colors of flowers. They feel very honored when you create a special space for them with these qualities. You will be able to perceive them as dimensions and frequencies evolve. You must allow it to happen naturally.

Let them come to you. Be in a space of love and appreciation for the earth when you are out in Nature or in a spot that you have dedicated to the fairies. Be still and quiet. See your energy field connecting deep into the earth and up into the sky. These thoughts can temporally elevate your consciousness so that you can experience them. You will be creating a beautiful energy field for these beings to enter.
As your consciousness grows, this contact will become easier. The earth has many levels of existence and many levels of experience. Realize that you will come to experience them all.

Infants in the first year of life often see many of the earth devas. There is often some memory of them as the child grows. It is our hope that the connection that comes forth at a very young age will be able to be experienced again as children grow. The children that are now being born are now can have an easy time of connecting with these potentials.

The beauties, joys and gifts of the fairies are waiting for you.

Abby's Astrology

The Summer Solstice and Balancing the Body through Relationship

The Summer Solstice is a powerful time each year. It marks the zenith of the Earth's achievement. It is also a time associated with the Fairies and the power of nature. It is however, the beginning of the energetic decline of the year. It is my opinion that the astrological aspects at the time of the solstice will have an effect upon the next six months.

This year the moon at the time of the solstice is in Sagittarius. During the 24 hour period that the energy of the solstice is the strongest, the moon will be conjunct Pluto. This moon/Pluto connection cannot help but bring about emotional transformation during these next six months. Pluto assists us in letting go of what no longer serves us. The fact that Pluto is impacting upon the moon will show us that possibly situations around our homes, the maternal influences in our lives and some emotional baggage that may be weighing us down will be released. Even if this is not what we want, the power of Pluto will bring it about.

In the end it will be for our highest good. A new aspect of ourselves, possibly a greater attunement to our feminine side, will be able to emerge from within us. This is because these planets are in Sagittarius. The fire energy of Sagittarius can burn through limitations to our spiritual growth so that we can expand the callings within us. The result of this release will be to free us in these next six months to achieve greater attunement to spiritual teachings and the spiritual practices of ancient cultures. This may be a time when you will go on a spiritual quest to a sacred site in a foreign country. This is because Sagittarius rules countries and cultures that are foreign to you. Or you may not leave your town, but you may decide to study the ancient art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, that is considered a spiritual meditation.
This powerful conjunction cannot help but open the way to spiritual growth in the next few months.

Astrological Partnership

It is an ancient tradition in the European cultures to marry during the month of June. May has also become a popular month for weddings. Both these months fall into the Astrological sign of Gemini, whose logo represents the male and female components.
The information I am about to share comes from a book by Ruth Montgomery called Born to Heal. It is the story of a miraculous healer that lived in Northern California in the first half of the 1900's. He would see people two or three times and could realign the body to free it of any disease or condition. Nothing was too big for him to transform.

This healer gave people only one bit of advice on health: have sex with someone of your same astrological element, but born in a different month. He said that this would keep your energy fields in balance.

This means that if you are an air sign, a Gemini, born in June, a good sex partner could be a Gemini born in May, a Libra or an Aquarius. For the Earth signs, it is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. With the fire signs it is Sagittarius, Leo or Aires. The water signs are Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

Don't panic if your husband or wife of 20 years is a water sign and you are a fire sign. There may be compatible aspects in your chart that create this balance for you.
I have also noticed over the years that your energy can be balanced if you have friends, relative or other people that you spend a lot of time with that are of the right sign for this balance. I have noticed that a good energy exchange and balancing effect takes place with people you have a connection with. You don't have to have sex with them to get the benefit of being in their energy fields. Something to think about, no?????

Prayers for the Planet Seminar: Honoring the four directions and elements.

The focus of this group experience will be to come together and send prayers of healing and thanks to the earth, the sky and to all that reside on the earth. It is our intention to do ceremony, drumming and celebration at the major vortex areas that connect with the four directions and elements.

At the Cathedral Rock/Oak Creek vortex, we will do ceremony to ask for the purification of the water. At Airport Mesa Vortex, we will offer prayers for healing of the air. Bell Rock will be the place of giving thanks for the fire within the earth, and the request that it's movements be peaceful and do not bring great harm to the surface of the earth from it's eruptions. In Boynton Canyon, we will be giving thanks for all the land gives us.

In doing these ceremonies and prayers, we will utilize the traditions of many ancient cultures and acknowledge the masculine and feminine deities that personify these elements. For example, when we go to Bell Rock, we will call on Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, who expresses herself in a way that is not harmful to those now on the surface. We will ask for her assistance in helping the fire within the earth to take her example and express itself in a peaceful way.

In the upcoming newsletters, I will discuss other aspects of the seminar including the use of the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan fire Ceremony, Guest musicians that may join us at the ceremonies and the Labyrinth.

The first workshop will be at the time of the Harvest Moon, September 16-18. The next will be at the Solar Eclipse October 2-4th. The next one will be the Full moon October 15-17. There will be a special workshop October 30-November 1 to honor the ancestors and the New Moon. This is the time of the Day of the Dead celebration in Hispanic cultures and Halloween. There will be November 13-15 gathering at the Full Moon. The final offering of this year will be December 30-January 1, 2006 at the new moon to set our intentions for the new year and pray for peace on earth.
The donation for this gathering is $222.00 A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help preserve and honor the earth.


For the next 30 days, I will offer a $10 discount on psychic readings by phone for relationship issues. Visa and Master Card is accepted.



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