July 16, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Hello from Abby
  • Channeling from Zorriah: the Mirror
  • Abby's Astrology: Guest Astrologer:
    Julie Alcorn on July Astrology
  • Prayers for the Planet: The Labyrinth
  • Special of the Month

Abby Haydon


Another fascinating entry from Zorriah. I feel that this new energy came through very strongly in the message. My web master was present during the channeling and was also impressed. He has had many channeling from the Assembly of Light and found Zorriah's energy very interesting.

This message is hitting home for many of you who have been accumulating knowledge for years. It is time to share. I am also hoping to have more dreams so we can start the dream registry. So if you have had any dreams about earth changes, please email them to abby@spiritualguidance.com There are some changes that will be going on with the web site, so I hope we can have a dream registry too!


Channeling by Zorriah through Abby Isadora Haydon

July 16, 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are so glad that you wish to speak others again. There are so many exciting things happening upon your planet. There are so many exciting things coming forth for the people upon your planet. It is now time for you all to be telling people here of these beautiful and wonderful things.

This is a time of great energy and beauty. Individuals are now wishing to come to this planet to work with you. There will be many masters coming. There are many masters coming who are not in physical form. Many masters will be born to women who are open to receive them. Many masters will come into the bodies of those living here and speak. They will use their bodies for long periods of time.

Zorriah wishes you to know that you are all part of the wonderful energy that is coming forth. You are part of the great energy experience that is coming forth for your planet. It is time for you to experience the new energies coming forth and embrace them with great happiness.

This what you have all been waiting for. This is what you have been desiring since you have set foot upon this planet in your physical body. The reason you have come here will begin to be clear within the next six months. So much will change. There will be so much more openness and transformation. We wish to celebrate with you and praise you for wishing to be here. These six to eight months are bringing great and wonderful changes for everyone.

So many will wake up. So many will need assistance. So many will have so many questions. You will be the ones to answer them. If you are reading or hearing this message, you will be the ones who will be answering their questions. You are the ones that have the knowledge. You do, even if you think it is now within you.

You may be saying to yourself as you receive this message "Who, me??? Share spiritual knowledge???? Work with others??? This is not ME. This is not what I do. !!"
You must understand that this IS who you are. Above all the other things that you do, above all the other ways in you use the energy of your life, it is what you do. You are here to work in all these beautiful and wonderful ways. You are capable of this. You have the ability. It is within you.

It is a seed that was planted within you many, many centuries ago. It is within your soul. It is in your soul body. It is within that which goes with you life after life after life. The seed of knowledge is now ready to sprout. It is ready to come forth and show itself. This is the seed of you the teacher. You can touch others from your soul level to their soul level.

You all must understand that you have so much great knowledge within you. You are not just this body. You are not just this life that was born 20,30,40,50 years ago. You are so much more then this. You are such a great collection of knowledge. It is only that the circumstances of life on this planet at this time does not enable you to carry forth this knowledge. You have not been able to access the knowledge that you have within your soul body.

You came into a body when the conscious of bodies here are not evolved. It is a time when expansion of the spirit has been suppressed. All the great beauty that you have gleaned over the centuries of travels to many galaxies and distant horizons is suppressed. It is like trying to fit a watermelon into the skin of a lemon. This is the way you may think about your knowledge. This is an example of how much knowledge you have and how little you can perceive it until this point.

What really is happening now is that your body is opening up. All the wonderful influences from without, such as the photon belt, are now influencing you to return to the ancient teachings and practices that you have done before. The resurgence of all the great spiritual teachings and practices are coming forth from the times when the watermelon was able to be the watermelon.

It is now time for you to see yourself clearly. Know that if you are being connected to this message that you are a mighty carrier of knowledge. You are coming to access that knowledge.

You are already connected with it. You already understand it. It comes into your mind day and night. It comes in your dreams, meditations or when you are reading a book.
Do you think that each book that you read is just a book that you have randomly chosen? Do you think that books on spirituality and healing that you have just randomly come upon them? Do you think that there is a chance occurrence? If you are reading books about the Hopi Indians or Tibetan Buddhists do you think that you are doing this because it is a whim?? You are doing it because your soul body is opening up to who it is. It is the knowledge within you being mirrored without. Each book, lecture, meeting is the great potential within yourself coming forth.

All the knowledge that you think that you have gleaned outside from books has already been within you. You have just found a book that reflects the knowledge that is within you. That is why you believe the book when you read it. That is why it feels good to you. It resonates in your gut. It brings forth all of the feelings of acceptance that you have for this knowledge. There is no real proof for this knowledge. It just feels right to you. It feels right because it is mirroring something that you already know that is within you.

The books and other teachings mirror something that you already know to be true.
You feel it is true because you have already experienced it within your soul body. It is already within this great computer framework of knowledge that you may think of as your memory. You already know everything that you have read or heard in lectures or workshops. You needed the mirror to show you what is inside of you.

What is inside you is now able to come out because it is validated and you have found acceptance for it. Many of you, including this one through whom we speak, have had revelations through books, workshops, teachers and personal experiences. These are ways to help you open to yourself. There is nothing new that you have learned. You have learned it many times before in many lifetimes in many universes.

Many of you have opened and blossomed beautifully in a short period of time. We have come closer to what may be called the galactic center or a center of energy.
You are allowing many things to sprout as if you are a beautiful garden. It is time for the seeds to come up. It is time for the flowers to bloom . You have gone through the long winter of ignorance. You have gone through the long time when no one understood you. You may not have even understood yourself. You have gone through this time and you have done it bravely. We applaud you. This one through we speak spent many lonely years plodding along in the dark, not knowing where she was going or why, just that she had to go in this direction.

You are no different then her. She might have started a bit earlier then you. She has put herself on the line a bit more, as you might say. She has taken a few more chances. Something inside of her knew that she had to share her gifts. It was what was inside that needed to come out.

Now many more of you are having this experience. Now many more are feeling that they want to share what they have experienced. It is not that one is better then the other. It is not that one is right and one is wrong. They are sharing their experiences of many lives. Not just this one that you have now.

Some teachers build universities. Some teachers talk to a few people sitting under a tree now and then. Do not put a title on the word "teacher". The sharing of knowledge is like being a mirror. You are creating an opportunity to express what they feel inside and have you reflect it back to them. You are a facilitator. You facilitate the process of assisting others to let their own knowledge out. You give others the opportunity to reflect upon what they feel and express their thoughts and beliefs.

Do not feel that if you have not read 500 books that you have nothing to share. It you do not have a lecture or university do not feel that what you perceive is not worthy of communication. Some express themselves in grand ways and this has been their path for many centuries. They are the speakers. They like to speak to many. They are only communicating their experience of the diamond - like multi-faced truth.
You are a mirror. You may want to open your mirror to the light around you so that others can witness it. Think of this as the tribes in the Americans that wear their knowledge in their costumes that they call Regalia. What is important to them, what they have learned, what trials, achievements, and quests they have been through is described in what they wear. Others who understand this language of what is written in their attire, see this and something sparks and inspires them.

You may think we are asking you to be a teacher, but we are really asking you to be a mirror. Be open to reflecting your truths to others. Share your truths with others. When you give them the opportunity to ask you "What is your truth?" you are really giving them the opportunity to share theirs. This helps the truth within them to come out.

We speak of this wisdom as if it is within you, but in truth, it is around you. It is within your energy bodies. It is imprinted in the fields around your physical body as well as within the cells of each part of your physical body. The mirror is being activated on many levels.

Don't hide your light! Feel free to talk about it. When you are put with someone who needs some validation and encouragement, it is like being drawn to a book in the bookstore. You may find yourself standing in a line and you will suddenly feel like saying that the sky is so beautiful. Maybe the person in front of you will turn around and agree. This may be the beginning of a lovely sharing. You might say something that has no real meaning to you, but may mean everything to them. These reflections of the light within others will be coming in many ways, times and places. This is one of the reasons you have come here. It is a profound and valuable one indeed.

Abby's Astrology

Guest Astrologer: Julie Alcorn on July Astrology

July Astro - 2005

This month the North Node, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde motion. A retrograding planet will carry with it the influence of the sign and house it is transiting, the house it rules in your natal chart, and the house it rules naturally. Matters pertaining to these areas will be greatly intensified. Basics to remember is that the North Node represents the “contracted” goals we have set up to achieve in this lifetime. When the North Node in transit is retrograde, those goals become accentuated with confusion on how to move forward. Many times we are not conscious of our contracted goals which make our concentration ability and focus even more distorted in terms of what we want out of life; or the question we may keep in the back of our minds that asks “why are we here, what’s it all about”?

The retrograde motion of Neptune will significantly bring up a sense of confusion and possible feelings of disillusionment in areas of difficulty. This suggests a time necessary to prioritize, make lists and set goals while doing your best to remain realistic and creative in a positive way, rather than have the energy steer you toward paranoia and self-doubt.

With Uranus, it will be an important matter of not allowing yourself to move into sudden radical changes that may devastate your life for a long time to come. Use the energy carefully to make solid decisions for positive growth. This can be achieved by seeing the glass have full rather than half empty. There is always an ebb and flow with the energy of Uranus whether retrograde or not.

Power struggles are always a part of Pluto, and especially when in retrograde motion. Be careful to steer clear of confrontations as there is such a powerful “punch” associated with Pluto and things can get so totally out of hand - quickly.

The first few weeks of July are going to be the most power packed. Information and ideas are elusive, or possibly even deceptive coming from ourselves or others toward us. However, there does seem to be positive opportunity to uncover a stronger spiritual and logical perception into the “why” of how we respond to difficult situations and important people in our lives. If we allow, we can structure ourselves in a way that will assure our actions bring appropriate results out of (possible) apparent chaos.

In a positive light, the month of July brings a powerful opportunity to care for ourselves in a different way than we are use to. If we take the time to be optimistic and cautious in our undertakings and dealings with others we will prosper tremendously. It’s about restructuring our old way of acting and responding. The month promises to bring through our honest and sincere projected actions, a renewed sense of self that is so much stronger and capable of happiness and peace within, to work our daily lives around.

Prayers for the Planet

A retreat that focuses on assisting Mother Earth with our prayers and
ceremony to ascend peacefully to a new level of consciousness.

In this newsletter I will be discussing the labyrinth and what we will be doing there.
For those of you who are not familiar with the labyrinth, I will explain a bit about it. There is also information on my web site. The labyrinth is considered a sacred geometry form. It is truly sacred. It is an ancient form that has been found in many ancient cultures. One famous labyrinth is in Glastonbury, England.

There are many types of labyrinths, but the one that I feel closest to is called the 7 circuit pathway. It has 7 paths and a center. The pathways are said to correspond to the 7 chakras. When a person walks the 7 circuit labyrinth, the charkas are stimulated in a unique order. This enables the person making the journey to the center to go into an elevated state of consciousness.

As part of the Prayers for the Planet retreat, we will be focusing upon ourselves as well as the planet. In addition to doing ceremony at the four vortex areas that represent the four elements, we will be doing a ceremony to release what no longer serves us. I will create a Mayan Fire Ceremony to give all the participants a chance to release from their lives what no longer serves them and to throw it into the fire.
We will use the great labyrinth of Sedona to do a ceremony to fill the space of what we have released the night before. We will focus on what we want to bring into our lives. The labyrinth is very closely associated with the earth and it's cycles of death and rebirth. The labyrinth will put us in a state of sacred consciousness where we can leave a small stone or object that will symbolize what we want to grow within us.

The first workshop will be at the time of the Solar Eclipse October 2-4th. The next one will be the Full moon October 15-17. There will be a special workshop October 30-November 1 to honor the ancestors and the New Moon. This is the time of the Day of the Dead celebration in Hispanic cultures and Halloween. There will be November 13-15 gathering at the Full Moon. The final offering of this year will be December 30-January 1, 2006 at the new moon to set our intentions for the new year and pray for peace on earth.

The donation for this gathering is $222.00 A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help preserve and honor the earth.


Aura Soma Pomanders. For the next thirty days, the aura Soma color pomanders will be reduced by $7.50. They will be sold for $30.

Enjoy this beautiful month of summer!!!



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