August 17, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Hello from Abby
  • Channeling from Zorriah: Divine Joy
  • Abby's Astrology: Musings on Mercury Retrograde
  • Prayers for the Planet : Mayan Calendar Astrology
  • Special of the Month

Abby Haydon

Hello from Abby

This has been an interesting month! I am going to get a bit personal in the Astrology section. I am going to talk about myself and how Mercury Retrograde has affected me this month. It has given me a lot of understanding about this event that happens 3-4 times a year. I am also going to talk about the Mayan Calendar Astrology. I spent a long time being involved in it because of my boyfriend. I had put it aside for 5 years. I didn't think that I would ever use it again. Then when Prayers for the Planet was conceived, I saw that the Mayan Calendar Astrology would fit in perfectly. I am glad I am going to be able to use this knowledge again. Zorriah is lovely as always and gives some interesting perspectives on diet and how it effects consciousness. The channeling gives us some thing wonderful to look forward to.

This message is hitting home for many of you who have been accumulating knowledge for years. It is time to share. I am also hoping to have more dreams so we can start the dream registry. So if you have had any dreams about earth changes, please email them to There are some changes that will be going on with the web site, so I hope we can have a dream registry too!


Channeling by Zorriah through Abby Isadora Haydon

August 17, 2005

Greeting and salutations, you lovely beings. You are beings of light and joy. Many glorious events are happening upon your planet and you will be experiencing them soon. They are coming rapidly. You are working to experience them.

Many of you have worked very hard. You have adhered to many practices. You have done much with your diet, your health and your energy fields. You have worked to purify yourselves. You may be asking yourself "What is the goal of all this purification? What will this help me to experience?" Many of you feel that you should be doing this but is anything ever going to be different?

We are here to tell you today that yes, things are going to change for you. What will happen, you wonder? You will be having greater infusions of bliss, ecstasy, or what we would call Divine Energy. It will be coming through in as a beautiful personal experience. You may have started to feel this Divine Energy coming into you.
You may not realize that this is one of the goals that you have wished to achieve in coming here. No matter what path you may be taking to this goal, it is the one that is right for you. It may be following an ancient spiritual teaching or working with a very modern format for personal growth.

You may have just started to ask yourself what is the reason that you are pursuing these practices. What is that reason? You are wishing to experience the bliss available to you.

The bliss is coming soon. Many of you have purified and opened channels of energy flow within yourself during the past few years. Some within the past few months. Now these channels are going to be utilized. Connecting with this bliss can happen in two ways.

When you purify yourself, when you cleanse the physical system you are helping yourself to experience this bliss. You must experience it through your body. You are in a physical body. You are working through a material form. This is your vehicle of experience. The physical body needs to be cleared of many of the obstructions that have been buried within the physical cells. Bringing forth cleansing of the physical body in different ways has been important to many. You have felt the natural desire to do this. As you become purified, you seek greater purification. You are attracted to that which will cleanse you even more. You will seek out what will cleanse the physical body of the "gook" and residue that has been clogging your perception in this lifetime.
You may be attracted to many different practices. Some will effect the physical body outwardly, some will effect it inwardly. Some will focus on breath, some will focus on connecting the mind and emotions for healing. There are many different ways to come to the center. It is important to work on this purification and that you will be guided to what is right for you.

As we have said, there are two different ways to come to this bliss once the energy fields of the body have experienced a certain amount of purification. You do not have to be a Buddha that sits upon the mountain and never comes out of the cave. It is not important to have the system 100% purified. It must be purified enough so that the infusion of the bliss energy, the light, the God/Goddess energy can come through you.

When you are working upon this purification, this energy infusion will come upon you. It will come to you when you have reached a certain level of purification. It will come when you have passed the 50-60% mark. You may still have an ice cream or a glass of wine. A certain amount of refinement of the system is important.

The most important things that we would wish to suggest about the physical body is the release of the eating of red meat. This will slow the system down. Eat the smaller animals if you feel you must. You do not need to become one who eats only nuts and grass. You may eat poultry and fish. Fish particularly will enable the system to be refined to its greatest extent while utilizing animal proteins. The system must be hydrated. You must drink a great deal of water. Juices are extremely good for this.
It is important to receive a certain amount of exercise where you are moving the system and the heart is pumping and calories are being burned. When you are thinking of protein, think of the small, little fishes. Think of the little chickens that run around. Do not eat the larger animals for they are harder upon the system.

The larger animals retain more of the fear energy that comes to them at the time of their death. You do not wish to take this on as well. Each living thing that gives its life to another has this experience, even the lettuce and the broccoli. The smaller the animal, the less it has to think of in the way of fear and negativity. You are in the process of releasing this.

It is also good to work upon the emotions. It is good to release negative energy that may come to you. You may wish to release anger that may cross your path when someone does something that you do not like. Allow anger to pass through you. Do not dwell upon it. Allow yourself to send love to whoever has wronged you. Do not allow fear and doubt to be stored within your system. When you work upon this, you are bringing forth a great healing for yourself.

These are the ideas that will help you maintain your connection to this bliss. Now you are wondering "How will this bliss come to me?" It is a very desirable thing. It will show you that you are on the "right path" and bringing forth great beauty. There are two ways to bring this forth. The first way is when it comes of itself. It comes spontaneously. It comes in an unexpected way or time. It does not need to be a time when you are sitting and resting. You may be engaged in some activity that is not extremely vigorous. It will come to you. You will feel waves of bliss coming forth for you. You will feel waves of energy. You will be overcome by this wonderful energy. It will come easily. It will come when the conditions in your life are conducive to bringing it forth. It will be a surprise. It will be something that you are not expecting. It will come quickly and overtake you. It will be in harmony with whatever activity you are doing. You may be watching television or be at your computer. It will not come when you are driving on the freeway and could be in great danger. Bliss is in harmony with all aspects of creation. Bliss is in harmony with productivity. It will come when you are able to receive it and bring forth its beauty.

The other way in which you are able to bring this forth is to connect with another person. Sit in a meditative state and touch their body or hold hands. This is the other way to connect with bliss. It is easier to start this energy flow through you when you are connected to another human being. The other person would also need to be interested in bringing this forth. To sit in meditation in solitude can bring this forth. It is easier to experience it when you are in touch physically with another person. The other person will begin to feel this as well. It is not necessary to have a great discussion about this ahead of time. Just sit in the meditative state and have this intention. Have the physical connection of touch. The touch will help to stimulate the energy flow within all. You do not all need to feel it at the same time. It will come differently to each one.

The more you connect into this bliss; greater the healing and purification that will continue to come. It will create greater connection to that which you would wish to manifest in your life. This will give you greater connection to all the beauties and wonders of the world that you are presently in.

Divine Joy is unlike any of the other experiences that you have in the physical body. It is different then the sexual orgasm. It is a unique feeling. It overtakes the whole body in a different way. It may keep you immobilized for a few moments. You will come out of this engulfing feeling and take a remainder of it with you in your daily life. It will stay with you after it's initial impact. When you are able to connect with this energy in the meditative state, you will be able to connect with it whenever you choose. The more you choose to bring forth this energy, greater will be the joy, love harmony and beauty in your daily life.

In the next two years, many will be able to connect with this energy when they choose. They will be able to connect with the great bliss of the universe without great effort. Linking with this energy will change everything in your life. Your connection to the divine is coming forth in a great and beautiful new way.

Practice these ideas just before and just after the full moon. These are times of great power. It will help to give you a "push" into your new experience.

Can you "overdo" this? Can you become addicted to this feeling? Will you want to sit all the time in meditation? This energy will feel strong at first, but as you infuse it into your life experience, you will have a greater desire to go out into life, and share this energy with your surroundings. It will energize whatever you wish to manifest that is in harmony with your divine plan. This energy that you connect with inwardly will bring change and beauty to the outward aspects of your life.

You may think of this as a way to energize your manifestations, but it is really a link to the Oneness of Creation that allows it to work in your outer world. When you enable this energy to manifest in your outer world, many of your world's difficulties change. The bliss that comes to you and through you will naturally express itself in your manifested world. You will express what is in harmony for you and the rest of the planet.

There is the great purpose for this energy to come forth. It is to help bring the harmony and beauty that you are all capable of. This is how it all works: It will come through you and go out into your world in beautiful waves of light. It is like throwing a stone into a quiet pond. The stone's impact and energy that was infused into the pond spreads to each corner of the pond. So will the light that you generate go out into your world to heal and transform it.

Abby's Astrology

Musings on Mercury Retrograde

This was an eventful Mercury Retrograde for me. Most people who are even slightly interested in Astrology have come to dread this period of about three weeks that comes three to four times a year. Most people are just waiting for things to go wrong. This affects those of us who have strong mercury influence in their chart. It also has a big effect on people who work in communication fields or who rely for communication for their business.

A lot of very good things happened to me during this Mercury Retrograde time. It is important to realize that this time can benefit us as well as create havoc, delay and confusion. Two legal problems, one that was going on for 2 and a half years, came to conclusion during this time. They came out better then I had expected. I was able to release a lot of tension, anger and pain that I had been holding on to about both situations.

On the first day of Mercury Retrograde, the massage therapist I had been getting massages with didn't show up and I got a massage that I didn't like with someone else. The next time I wanted a massage, this person still wasn't available and I had to choose someone else. The second person turned out to be much better for me then the person I had been going to.

During this time, I had a healing about a conversation with a friend that had created a bit of tension between us. During Mercury Retrograde, We talked and came to a good place about what had originally been said. I also was gifted with a communication that helped me heal a traumatic business situation I had recently experienced.

It became clear to me during this time, that there were two money making situations that I needed to let go of. I have stopped one and given notice on the other.
Yes, I did get a speeding ticket during this time. Yes, there was a lot of confusion about my ads in publications for the Prayers for the Planet seminars in October. But all the ads got done, even though there was a lot of last minute hustle. One paper made my ad in color, even though I didn't pay extra for it.

I even got an idea that I needed to get my cats a different food dish. They had been wasting a lot of cat food and only eating the food in the middle of a pie plate size dish. This situation had been bugging me for months. Suddenly, a few days before Mercury went direct, I got the idea to get them a saucer size dish. It was just the right thing. They eat all their food now and none is wasted!

So look forward to Mercury Retrograde as a time of finishing what needs closure. It can also bring healings of communications problems and traumas of the past. This time period can give you a lot of gifts.

Prayers for the Planet - Mayan Calendar Astrology

When I started getting the ideas for the seminar, it came to me to use the Mayan Calendar Astrology. I had studied it in depth between 1998 and 2000 when living with my boyfriend, who had done a lot of work on it. At that time I came in contact with Mayan Calendar scholars as well as Mayan Shamans that have kept the original count of the calendar alive.

It is very complex. It has several systems within it and many parts to each system. It describes many cycles or time periods as well as the personal astrology.

Since I have a working knowledge of western astrology, the Mayan Calendar Astrology became very clear to me. I feel it is a valuable system for not only getting another perspective on yourself, but it shows you how to use each day in the way that is best for you.

There are 20 Mayan Astrology signs, or Day Lords. Each Day Lord is associated with the elements of earth, air, water and fire.

At our first meeting, which will be a short evening meeting, I give a lecture on the Mayan Calendar and help everyone find out what their Mayan Day Lord is. Having this knowledge will put everyone in the seminar in touch with knowledge of the earth that comes from an ancient culture.

When we go to the water vortex, I will ask the water Day Lords to help me with certain parts of the ceremony. I will also give them a message at the end of the ceremony.

Prayers for the Planet will offer participants information and healing for themselves as well as give them an opportunity to put their attention on helping the earth.
For more information on Mayan Calendar Astrology go to
The dates of the seminars are Oct 2-4, 15-17, Oct 30-Nov 1, Nov. 13-15 and
Dec29-31. Space is limited and a deposit of $111 will hold your space.

Special of the Month
Until September 15th, I will give anyone that signs up for a Prayers for the Planet seminar $22 off the fee of $222. You can pay with Pay Pal or call Abby and pay with credit card.



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