September 16, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Hello from Abby
  • New channeling from Zorriah: The Importance of Being Balanced
  • Abby's Astrology-Guest Astrologer Ethan
  • Prayers for the Planet: the Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Special of the Month

Abby Haydon

Hello from Abby

The channeling this month is, I feel, a response to the Katrina disaster. I also find it interesting that this month's channeling also supports the concepts of Prayers for the Planet. Showing the earth that we love it is so important right now. Prayers for the Planet gives us a format in which to express this love and concern for the planet. If you are feeling that you want to participate, please contact me. The channeling illustrates how important it is for us to focus our energy on the planet.

Our guest astrologer this month is a scholarly fellow who seems to have a fantastic grasp on astrology. He is a local Sedona resident who has spent many years in the study of astrology. He has a very deep perspective and is able to communicate his knowledge clearly. That is unusual for astrologers!

This message is hitting home for many of you who have been accumulating knowledge for years. It is time to share. I am also hoping to have more dreams so we can start the dream registry. So if you have had any dreams about earth changes, please email them to There are some changes that will be going on with the web site, so I hope we can have a dream registry too!

The Importance of Being Balanced

Channeling by Zorriah through Abby Isadora Haydon

September 16, 2005

We wish to thank you for this desire to bring forth news and information from other galaxies and dimensions. There are many beings that wish to communicate. They wish to speak of their love, passion and enthusiasm for you earthlings. You are now going through many complicated and difficult changes. There are many traumas happening upon your world. There are complications that deal with your political, economic arenas of life. There are many who would say that difficult times are coming forth and dramatic changes are coming forth to you. It is important for you not to be traumatized by these changes. Do not be in fear of what is coming next. Do not think, " Will I have to change? Is my world falling apart? Are many different things happening to me that I cannot control?" The answer to all of these questions is YES.
You are working to achieve and maintain a higher level of consciousness. You are bringing forth beauty that is able to be experienced when all these changer are done. For the next four to five years there will be many changes. There will be changes in the earth and the weather.

It is important to realize that you are able to focus your attention to bring healing to this. You are able to focus upon the changes that your earth is going through and adjust then. You are able to bring harmony, peace and balance for yourself through all of the chaos that is happening. It is important for you to see yourself working upon all of these situations. You can utilize your energy to have these changes come forth harmoniously for you. It is important to realize that these changes have been a long time coming. They are changes that must happen for your earth to rebalance itself. The earth needs to restore its internal harmony. The changes in the climate are bringing forth a new balance and restructuring of your planet.

As you are going through a restructuring, so is your planet. It is not business as usual anymore. You cannot continue on at old pace and in the same old patterns that you may consider the "Old Age". For you and everyone on the earth are in the "New Age". You are now emerging into a new consciousness. It is a new consciousness for the earth and all who walk upon it. The consciousness of your animals and plants are changing. Those of you that have pets are beginning to feel that you have greater communication with them. You may feel that they understand you more. This is true! They are evolving to a higher level and so are you. They are having an easier time of attuning to you because you are less complicated. You are becoming free of negative thoughts and emotions. They find it easier to interpret your moods and actions. Many of the complications that have separated you from your four legged friends and birds are beginning to be released.

All of these changes are beginning to happen to this earth. It is important to realize that you must keep your balance. Keep your sense of stability. Do not become overwhelmed by the catastrophes that are happening in many places. When you hear of tragedies that are happening around the globe you have deep feelings. This is because your heart is opening and you are feeling more compassion for those who have been through trauma. This is a very beautiful and valuable thing. It is important as well to realize that you are able to maintain your stability. It is important not to be overwhelmed by the grip of fear and trauma. You are feeling their pain and sorrow. You are seeing it. It is brought into your living rooms. Their sorrow becomes your sorrow. At the same time, it is important for you to maintain your balance. Maintain your connection to your world and do not be overwhelmed by grief. Continue to bring harmony to your world. It is good to feel compassion and send love and harmony to those who have been victimized. Send money and give whatever help is possible for you. Yet it is important that you must maintain your center. Do not be in fear that this will happen to you. Do not see yourself a victim of some type of environmental tragedy. Do not become paralyzed with fear. Do not become obsessed with watching the traumas on the television.

It is important for you to maintain your balance when your world is out of balance. It has been a choice of many to close their ears to the callings of Spirit within themselves. This has been going on for many years upon your planet. Many individuals wish to stay entrenched within their jobs, homes and society. They may be involved in activities that are not in harmony with honoring the divinity of humanity. They do not think of others who are not like them. Many have closed their eyes for many years. The past twenty years on this planet has been the time for individuals to open their eyes.

Those of you who are perceiving this message have begun to open their eyes. You have changed. You are thinking differently. You think of what soap is biodegradable and will be healing as it goes through your water systems. What foods are better for your body and what are not. Many of you have been thinking of this and have been opening yourself to this. It is you who are helping to keep this change and transformation from becoming more catastrophic then it has been. There are so many who do not wish to change. They do not wish to release the past. These recent events in the Southeast of the United States is beginning to open the hearts of those who have been closed for so long. These events are making people see that nothing is the same as it used to be.

Change is coming quickly, not slowly. These are wake-up calls to you. Other events will continue to happen as the earth rewrites itself. The earth needs to balance and create change within itself. There are many things that have caused the need for the earth to transform. We could go on and on, telling you of your transgressions. That is not the point now. The point now is for you to stay in balance and for you to stay in what we would call the light. It is time for your energy to be positive. Send positive energy to these areas of the planet that need to come back into balance.
You must maintain your light. We are speaking of hope, peace and harmony as energies of the light. Fear, anger and trauma are energies of the dark. It is the dark that is helping to rebalance this world. To dwell upon this, to create fear and darkness within yourself, is contrary to the goals that you came here to achieve. The energy that you create within yourself is important. You must create hope, love and compassion within you.

These changes that are happening are really showing you that your world is being saved. These changes are difficult. Birth is difficult. Any mother will tell you this. With the birth comes a new beauty, a new joy, a new life. This is what is happening to your earth. It is birthing. It is coming into a new state of consciousness. It is balancing and righting itself. It is creating itself anew. This has happened many times before.
It is important to keep foremost in your mind that many beauties are manifesting. The enlightenment, the joy and growth that you have been seeking for many years is now ready to take place. Your energy is a part of it. Even though you may feel dwarfed by the events where great waves of water and shaking of the earth come forth, you are not powerless.

You have the ability to maintain light and love. Earth is coming back into harmony and balance. As your earth comes back into balance and harmony, so will all humans and other living creatures. Many of the kingdoms of plants and animals are out of balance too. Much is out of balance on your world. These great and large changes within the energy fields of the earth and within the structure of your world will change all that lives upon the earth. That is the great goal of these dynamic changes that have come and will come.

Realize that when you send love, hope, peace and compassion and dedicate yourself to the transformation of the planet, it is a great help that you are contributing. Do not feel that you are a victim of the changes that are happening to the earth. You are crusaders and pioneers. You are helping to bring forth a new way of life. Many of you will not see this new way of life coming forth. Many of you will. Know you are all working for this great beauty.

Helping your planet to heal, change and transform is a great work. The greatest work that you can do, aside from giving of your money, time and energy to those directly traumatized by these events. See your planet as the beautiful, peaceful, wonderful world that it is. See the rainforests full again. See the deserts blooming. See the ocean free of pollution.

Your technology has isolated you from much of your connection to your earth. Your heritage has much to do with this. Your connection to technological, extraterrestrial societies has manifested within your world within the last fifty years. This connection has become stronger as they have begun to visit this planet more and more in the last twenty years. For this reason, your technology has progressed quite rapidly. There are many who would rather sit in their house, playing with the computer or video game then being outside in Nature, connecting with the earth. The technology has, in many ways, taken away your heart. It has desensitized your emotions to the wonders of your world. These many great changes that are taking place are now reconnecting you with your earth and rebalancing your energy.

The earth needs your right now as much as you need the earth. The earth needs your attention. The earth needs you to be out on the planet. Send your love to the water, air, fire and the land. The earth needs you to be doing these things. It needs your attention and focus to bring about its changes. Many have locked themselves away with their computers and technology. There are so many cities where so little trees and plants grow. Getting back your connection to the earth will help with the changes that are happening.

You energy needs to be focused back into the earth, not into your possessions and computers. The earth is making these changes for you humans as well as for herself. This will eventually help all to live in greater harmony and balance. These changes will eventually create new earth and water masses. It will give those parts of the earth that have been over used and abused a chance to heal.

Connect with the beauty that is within yourself and your planet. Your planet needs you. Your planet needs your attention. It needs to feel you sitting upon it. It needs your body connecting to its body. You do have something to give the earth. You are little generators of energy. When you are unhappy, angry and fearful, your energy is not as wonderful as what you generate when you are happy, joyous and loving. More beauties are going to be created. You planet will be far more beautiful then it is at this moment.

We have two things that we wish to suggest to you. One is to maintain positive thoughts, no matter what is happening. Do not dwell on the negative. Generate positive energy. In the morning when you get up, while you are laying in bed, before you have opened your eyes, see yourself surrounded in a tube of white light. See this tube expanding to your home, community and to the world.

The second thing that you can do it to be in your world. Be in the earth. Sending your love, thanks and appreciation to the earth is so important. This is why women want their husbands in the delivery room. They need someone to hold their hand while they are going through this great change. To go through this alone is difficult for the earth as well. Do not feel that you are so tiny and the earth is so big. THE EARTH NEEDS YOU. Send your hope that this birthing will be gentle and quick. Get out into Nature. Celebrate the great power that is here. It is important for you who work in these fields to celebrate the beauty of life as well as technology. For many, technology is not your servant, but it is your master. You must recreate the balance. Many are out of balance. They do not go into the fresh air all day long. They just sit with their television or computer.

There will be signs coming to you of where your energy is needed. You will be directed to go to certain places that can benefit from your energy. Please follow these callings. This is a call for you to help sit, touch and talk to the earth. Laugh with the earth. Tell it how beautiful it is. Between lovers, doe this not bring out their beauty? Does this not bring out the best when parents and children express their love for each other? Does this not open their hearts and energy fields? Does it not bring out their greatness?

The earth needs your touch and your love.

Abby's Astrology-Guest Astrologer Ethan

Happy Solstice!

The Sun enters the artistic sign of Libra and heads into the Southern Hemisphere for its annual Winter sojourn. One of the most interesting astro events happening right now is a Yod (Finger of God), formed by Mars in Taurus (22 47’), Jupiter in Libra(22 52’), and Pluto in Sagittarius(21 56’). A Yod is a slim triangle configuration in the Heavens formed by three planets (or points). One planet, at the apex of the triangle, is in quincunx aspect (150 degrees) with the other two planets, at the base of the triangle. The planets at the base are in sextile aspect. In this case Mars is at the apex and Jupiter and Pluto form the base. To understand the Yod it is first necessary to have a good grasp of what a quincunx is all about. A quincunx shows how the two planets or points involved are trying to accommodate each other. In most people’s charts a quincunx will reveal the energy we spend trying to behave the way we think other people want us to. This sets up a karmic field in which we tend to sacrifice our self “for the good of our loved one” or “for the good of the cause”. A Yod can be somewhat obsessive as we attempt to handle or satisfy two possible outcomes. It’s really impossible to choose one or the other because they both have equal merit (although different karmic results). Until we “solve” the Yod we have a tendency to get bounced along between two energy flows. When we do solve the Yod we will have gained a great deal of personal insight and wisdom regarding our personal creative energy. What does “solve the Yod” mean? In general it means that we have come to recognize that the best way to serve other people is to attend to our own happiness and freedom of creative expression. When this happens the Yod shows a special insight we have regarding the creative combination of planetary energy.
Let’s examine the Yod that’s going on now.

Yod: Mars quincunx Pluto.

Do you imagine some Force of Destiny at work in your life which you must somehow fulfill or conform to? That you have a karmic obligation to take up some special role in which you must strive to be successful? In a nutshell, do you feel it necessary to Strive for Perfection? How about replacing those ideas (and they are only ideas!) with the realization that your choice of action and behavior can be a joyful gift of your talents and creativity. Go ahead, create a role for yourself, but enter into it in full consciousness of giving from within yourself, of your God-given resources. Don’t worry about what’s necessary “out there”. When you allow – repeat, allow – your inner spiritual energy to manifest freely and without reserve, you are doing the right thing on behalf of destiny. Both yours and the World’s. They are the same after all, aren’t they? To put this whole idea a little differently: drop the idea of obligation, of having to conform to some principle. Rather let, allow, the natural energy of being who you are as much freedom as you can. This serves the Deeper Purpose without losing the joy of being.

Yod: Mars quincunx Jupiter.

This is a case of God turning into a strict task master. Naturally you are given the assurance that the course of action assigned to you is for “your own good”. Even more, with Venus ruling these signs, it is promised that beauty and harmony will result if only you can/will adopt the prescribed behavior or ritual. This is often the case when we take up a relationship with a spiritual program or spiritual master. Or if not spiritual, some political or governmental “authority” may assure us that our allegiance is necessary(!) Mind you, this isn’t so much to do with “them”, but rather our personal struggle trying to decide what the “right” thing to do is. We tend to feel that other people or groups know better than our self what that is. Go ahead, activate a spiritual program, take up an alliance with a spiritual teacher or political leader, etc. But do so in full consciousness that the ultimate “authority” resides in our self. Even if we decide that another person’s stated position or philosophy is “true”, that decision is our own responsibility. We are not responsible for anybody else’s “truth”. If a program or teacher is sucking us in, demanding our allegiance, rather than pointing us in the direction of our own spiritual freedom, then forget it. Spirit, from within our self, arising into action, is what is true. When we endow this action (Mars) with loving, creative energy (Jupiter), then our environment (Taurus) is benefited (Libra). We become conscious followers, conscious disciples – or simply, conscious beings.

Yod: Jupiter sextile Pluto.

Through allying ourselves with deeper principles, we are increased in wisdom and stature. What the ego has perceived as the push and pull of inexorable forces is revealed as the grace of God working underground, so to speak, on our behalf. We have an opportunity to rid ourselves, our psyches, of a great weight! The visionary fire of Sagittarius inspires the airy Libran sense of beauty and harmony. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, allies with Pluto and says: “This fellow isn’t so bad. In fact, together we can do incredibly great things. Take advantage of opportunities!”

PS: What do I mean by “creative energy”? I mean the ability to steer
the course of our life by envisioning the way we would like things to change, then acting to produce that effect. We must realize that this energy involves our entire psyche. At the center of our psyche is the incredibly beautiful silence of our true Self, our essential Presence. Creative energy originates from within this inner self, arises into our psyches according to planetary “rules” of expression, consequently influencing and enabling our actions and behavior. By far the most beneficial thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to allow this process to flow freely. Allowing, not forcing, this flow, we find ourselves at the center of the Creation, as co-creators.

Peace be with you all!


Prayers for the Planet - The Mayan Fire Ceremony

In the gatherings we will do the Mayan Fire Ceremony after the first day. It will be an activity for the evening hours. I learned to how to construct the offering for the ceremony from two Mayan shamans.

A plate of sage, copal, candles, rum is set afire. Then the participants throw Copal into the fire. With this offering, each participant thinks of what they wish to "give away" to the fire, what they want to release from their life. In giving this over to the fire, the participants are freed of the burdens that they have been carrying. It creates a space for a new beauty to come forth.

The dates for the Prayers for the Planet gatherings are October 2-4, 15-17, 30-Nov 1, Nov 13-15 and December 29-31.



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