October 18, 2005

Table of Contents:
  • Greetings from Abby
  • Channeling: Clear Away the Traumas of the Past
  • Abby's Astrology : October Eclipses
  • Prayers for the Planet: New Perspective
  • Special of the Month

Abby Haydon

Greetings from Abby

This has been a very exciting month. The Assembly of Light has returned to do this month's channeling. This may or may not be apparent form reading the text. It was clear to me from the beginning that the AOL was back. Editing the AOL transcripts take a lot more work as there are a lot more incomplete sentences and repetition. This message is talking about the year ahead and some of the situations that will arise.

I am finding it interesting that there is a correlation between the channeling and the Astrology information. This month's Astrology is about the effect of eclipses. The second eclipse will more then likely bring in the earth changes that the AOL says will occur from July to November of 2006.

Prayers for the Planet has had a very beautiful beginning. New ideas that have come to me about who will be interested in this gathering and the potential it holds for them.

Happy All Hallows Eve!!!!


Channeling by Assembly of Light through Abby Haydon

October 18, 2005

As you go into this coming year, you will be set upon by many things. This will affect the personal level of your life as well as the planetary level. They will affect you as a country and as a world. Know that these challenges are ones that you will be able to meet easily. You will also deal with them in a way that will help you to see your own power and strength. You are a very beautiful race of beings. You are living in a world that you are beginning to see is very precarious.

The earth that you walk upon is changing. The governments and social systems are changing. We have discussed this with you for many years. Now you are beginning to see that these events are coming forth. The predictions that many have talked about are beginning to happen.

In this year that is coming we would encourage you all to realize that you are strong. Even though there are changes going on that you may feel powerless to control, you do control much of your world. You can create many wonderful benefits from the changes that are coming forth. Change creates opportunity. It allows new things to grow when old ways have become stagnant.

This is what will be happening to your land. There will be many changes in the earth. The year that has passed has brought many changes from water. These changes that are coming forth now will come upon the land. There will be movement s of land masses. There will be upheavals. There will be no major cities that will be devastated. Much of the changes will happen in open spaces.

From the times of July to November of this coming year, there will be many changes in the land. There will be shaking in many parts of the world. It is our hope that none will experience great devastation. For this reason, it is important to focus upon the healing of the planet. Focus upon the fact that the planet is going through changes and that all living creatures upon the surface of the earth will be free from harm.

It is the intention upon this planet that many will move to new locations. This will start growth in population in many new areas of the world. The climate will be changing as well. The trend for the world to be warmer will bring better living conditions in Northern parts of the planet. Realize that this will bring forth changes starting in this year that will go over the next ten years.

All of you are safe. Do not worry about where you are living. Listen to your inner guidance, not your fears and doubts. Do not listen to the fear based information that is created by the media. What comes to you in the morning when you awake and during the day will be callings that come to you from your heart and higher guidance. The information we are giving is not meant to create panic. It is to help you realize that you are in the beginning of a long process of restructuring your world. This orb upon which you live is going through many changes. Your attention on the earth and the intention that these changes be peaceful is very important. In whatever way you may bring this forth, we would encourage you do so. Focus your attention on the idea that these changes will be in harmony with all beings that walk the earth.

There will be changes in the sensitivity of the nervous systems of all beings. This will be happening for many during this next year. These changes that are coming forth will be bringing greater strength to the nervous system. The incidents that have happened this past year have put much strain on your nervous systems. Many of these strains need to be released. At the end of this year and the beginning of the next year it is important to focus upon releasing your feelings about what has transpired in the past twelve months: from the time of the great wave until now.

Focus on releasing these fears that may still be within you. There will be more changes upon the earth. This is certain. It is the time for these changes. The earth is ready and you are ready. It is time to be free of the fear. Do not feel that you are not safe. You are connected to the divine light of the universe. Release all the fears and sadness of this year. Release the trauma.

Release the traumas that you feel for humanity. You are all becoming more sensitive to each other. You are stronger and have greater amounts of light coming through you. Know that your systems are bringing forth these changes. You must consciously release the traumas of this year. It does not matter if they have been on a personal level or a global level.

We would encourage each of you to do a beautiful New Years ceremony. You may do this in January and February as well. Take a box or a bag, one that can be burned. It will represent you and the earth. Write down all of the fears that have come to you through this year. Look inside of yourself. Take some time to think about this in the meditative state and then bring this forth. Release these fears onto the paper. Put them in the container and put the container into the fire to be released. Create this ceremony of releasing the pain of this past year. Release all your fears into the fire.

For those of you who are near water, you may wish to release your sadness into the water. Sit in quiet and enjoy the hypnotic beauty of the ocean and it will come to you. You may write these in the sand so the water may rush over them and erase them from your being.

After you have done this, go to an experience of dance and music where you are moving and coming into an ecstatic state. This will help you to completely release the energy. Feel the lightness that this movement brings. You may wish to do this several times within the next few months as thoughts of what you wish to release comes to you. Refine your ceremonies of release.

These ceremonies are very important . You are becoming more powerful as you evolve. Your nervous system is becoming more refined. Clearing the system of what is not serving this new growth is very valuable. Your emotional body is very delicate now because it is changing. It is being reconstructed. You must honor this change and take steps to release what is not useful to you. This will make room for the new beauties that are waiting to reside with you.

This cleansing is important because you are beginning to feel a greater sense of Unity. You are beginning to feel a greater sense of connection to your fellow human. So you naturally feel their pain more when you see it on television or hear of it. It puts stress upon your system that can hamper your emotional and spiritual growth. This evolution that you are experiencing is good, but it also makes you more receptive to feel the tragedy of others. So you must release these sympathetic feeling that linger in your system.

All the energy bodies surrounding the human form are growing. The mental body is free of many types of experiences that the emotional body must endure. It is easier for the mental body to grow unhampered. Even though all the energy bodies are being stimulated in many ways, it is the emotional body that needs attention. It has been overloaded in this year. A cleansing with fire or water are the ways we would encourage you to release the emotions that have been trapped within your nervous system within this year.

There are new experiences coming forth for you in this year that will challenge the emotions. The need to release these will also be important. Bring yourself to quiet times where you are releasing fear and giving it back to the universe. You may want to do this yourself or with others throughout this whole year. You may wish to do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Releasing the trauma that comes to you is more important them ever. As greater change comes forth, you do not wish to be weighted down by the past. You wish to be free to joyously flow into the future.

Another aspect we would wish to discuss that we would encourage you to do during the coming year is to nurture the ability to completely relax. Some have experienced great life changes this year, some will feel it next year. Relaxation will help you go through these changes easily. It is important to relax the whole body. Take the time for this relaxation. Take time to lie down in a dark room. There may be beautiful, soft music playing and candles burning. Call in your guides, angels and all beings of the light that assist you. Have these beings work with you to relax. Ask these beings to bring forth a state of great relaxation. Have an open window to allow the tensions to leave the area. You may do this outside as well where you are comfortable. Use this time to create peace within yourself. Ask for the deep peace of the Divine to come over you. Let the God Essence, The God Self permeate your body. Give yourself a chance for this relaxation to come to you. You are so busy and caught up in daily life. Many have not learned to relax. You have not given space or time to this. Create a new habit for yourself.

You are bringing forth the potentials of the planet. Think upon these ideas Think of the new beauties that are coming to you. Keep yourself stable and keep the nervous system clear. Be free of the past. Allow time for rest and relaxation. You will be bringing forth great wonders. Doing this relaxation in water is very good. Sitting in a warm bath and calling in your guides to help you clear your energy fields and release tension is very powerful indeed. Be sure to wash your body after a bath so that all energy residue is gone from you.

Many great things are coming forth in this year. Your greatness is arising within you.

Abby's Astrology - The October Eclipses

We have had two powerful eclipses this month. The first took place on October 3rd. This is a solar eclipse that is in the sun sign of Libra. A solar eclipse, that happens at the time of the new moon, is a time to begin something new. The solar eclipse is in the sign of Libra, which is the sign of marriage and other close partnerships. Fortunately, this eclipse is influenced by the planet Venus, that is the ruler of Libra. This eclipse can usher in financial prosperity in business and marriage. It can bring new beginnings in health, love and fame. This is a very beneficial type of influence.

If your sun is conjunct or opposing Libra, it will have a very strong effect upon you. If you are a woman and Libra is conjunct your moon, the eclipse will be having beneficial effects on your health or appearance. Even if your moon is opposing the eclipse, it may help you break through resistance that you may have to dealing with some of your health problems. If the eclipse is conjunct your sun, you may connect with helpful business people or a new love relationship. If it opposes your sun, you may be able to overcome aspects of your personality that are preventing you from making these connections. These same concepts will work for your other planets that may oppose or conjunct the eclipse. The effect will not be as pronounced as it is for the sun and moon.

The lunar eclipse that takes place on the full moon October 17 is in the sign of Aires. The lunar eclipse is a time of completion. It is a time of release and endings. The planetary ruler of Aires is Mars. Mars is the planet of conflict, destruction, and war. If your sun is conjunct the eclipse in Aires, you may experience an end to a conflict within yourself or with others. If your sun opposes the eclipse, your closure to a matter may be more dramatic. It is good to realize that this conflict is the ending of a build up of tension that must be released. If the eclipse is conjunct your moon, you may be making endings in relationships, where you live or with the women in your life.

In terms of a global influence, this eclipse can cause upheaval, destruction and loss. Aires is a fire sign, so it will affect the fire within the earth. This can cause volcanoes to erupt and earthquakes that are caused from the movement of the magma in the earth's core. Aires also rules lightening, so there may also be lightening storms that will create havoc. This will affect places on the globe that conjunct or oppose the eclipse. The beneficial side to this situation is that new beginnings will take place, since Aires is the sign of new birth.

The affects of eclipses do not happen at the exact time of the eclipse. The effects can present themselves any time from 6 months to a few years after the eclipse. I find it very interesting that the lunar eclipse timing is in tune with the timing presented in this channeling. The Assembly of Light said that from July to November of 2006 is when changes will take place in the land. This goes along with the eclipse timing. Who knows, Atlantis may rise from the ocean and be reborn!


I had sent the finished Astrology article to the web master early in the day on Oct 17th, the day of the eclipse. I find it interesting that on the night of the 17th, there was a tremendous rain storm. the lightening, that is ruled by Mars, was incredible. There were giant hail stones pelting my house and for a while the ground was white. The storm lasted for 8 hours. I awoke in the morning to realize that the lightening was a sign that Mars will be very active in the weather this coming year!

Prayers for the Planet

The first gathering was a lovely experience in many ways. I felt that the energy was very powerful. I have also come to realize that Prayers for the Planet is really a call to everyone who is in touch with the fact that they are masters of the light and wish to focus their energy with others who feel the same way. I am not teaching anything in this gathering that will give you a new technique to heal yourself. I am not a leader to follow. I am simply a person who is creating a time and place for masters to come together and pool energetic abilities for an important cause.

As Ramtha and countless other channels have said, we are all masters. Whether we accept this aspect of ourselves is another thing. It is important for everyone to realize that they do have ability and power and that they are capable of making a difference. This gathering gives everyone a chance to be an active participant and not just have a passive experience.It needs people who are not afraid to speak in public. It provides a place where people with a strong connection to the earth can express their love for the earth, air, water and fire that make up our planet. It is a place to ask forgiveness of the earth for what other humans have done that is harmful for the earth.

Focusing our attention on suggested days set aside on the internet for prayer and healing of the planet is good. Humans were meant to come together in person and be in nature. I feel that is where our true strength can be exhibited. Combining our strength in person to create powerful group energy is, in my opinion, the most effective use of our personal energy.

There is still openings in the November 13-15 and December 29-31 gatherings. So bring your mastery to Sedona and put your energy to good use in a place of power and beauty!



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