November 15, 2004

Greetings to all and welcome to the first issue of Light Waves.

Abby Haydon

Partners in Prayer

Channeling by the Assembly of Light
through Abby Isadora Haydon

November 15, 2004

You all have many wonderful talents and ideas. Many beautiful potentials are coming forth for many humans. Now is a wonderful time to develop new aspects of yourself. Now is the time to develop new ways of bringing forth the beauties of your nature.
We would wish to discuss with you a concept that is familiar to you. It is a powerful one. It is the power of prayer.

It is a very old concept that has come forth through many centuries. Many individuals that are in the physical body today have had many lifetimes where they have spent many hours praying in many different religions and cultures.

Now is a time when prayer is a powerful tool for manifestation. What prayer can bring forth is truly amazing. There is a difference between affirmations and prayer. Many have become involved in affirmations. These are very beautiful indeed. They are good ideas for focusing your intention and desires. They are good for requesting what you wish to manifest. All humans have the ability to manifest by directing energy through all the levels of their being.

Prayer is a unique situation. It is stating your request then it is turning it over to divine energy. It is stating your intentions but it is also knowing that you are working with a higher frequency other then yourself. It is this unique ability has brought through many beautiful and wonderful successes.

When one is in prayer, one is in another state of consciousness. This has been called the meditative state. When one is engaged in prayer, one is also evoking the emotional body in a way that is not engaged during affirmations.

When the emotional body is engaged and the concept of request or asking for assistance is also added, then prayer takes on an added dimension that is not present when one states a request, as in an affirmation.

When you state affirmations, and you realize that you have the creative energy of the universe at your disposal. You are a creator, you are a keeper of the god force. Yet, to work from this level alone, is not as powerful as when ask for assistance from divine energy and beings that are the embodiment of this. When you ask for help from the Christ Consciousness, the Ascended Masters, the angelic realms you are seeking help from outside of yourself as well as within. When you call on these sources of highly refined light such as Saint Germain and Archangel Michael, you are receiving more help then when you wish to bring requests forth solely from your own being.
Prayer is asking assistance, asking for help in manifesting what you wish to bring forth. By calling upon different levels of light energy, of different levels of manifestation of divine energy, are you bringing forth even greater power to your requests. You are then having a partner in prayer. You are bringing forth a connection that will assist you.

There are many divine beings that are here to assist with the raising of the consciousness of this planet. These beings have come here to assist you in healing and transforming your life. When you are bringing forth the wonderful callings that are within your heart and then asking that the universe and the divine beings within this realm help you, you bring more energy to your requests.

Now is a beautiful time when many individuals within the physical form realize and are in touch with their power of creation. When it comes to prayer, it is important to have the attitude of humility. An often used saying on this planet is “Ask and you shall receive”, not “Demand and you will receive”. This idea puts forth the concept that there are beings on more refined levels of consciousness that are able and willing to assist you. When you pray, it is good to request their assistance. When you pray, you should ask them to come and join you in your manifestation process.

When individuals grasp the simplicity yet profound nature of this concept, it is very beautiful indeed. The wonderful work that you wish to bring forth is assisted when you request the beings on higher levels of consciousness. Then ask these beings to assist you. In a sense, turn your requests over to these beings.

This is the idea that has been brought forth by those that are in the Catholic church. This religious system uses the idea of praying to different saints to answer your prayers. Many of the saints in this system do not have the connection to the earth plane that they had at one time. Praying to individuals who achieved sainthood by their actions in a physical lifetime, may no longer be focused in the same capacity.

We also wish to encourage individuals to be open to connecting with divine beings. We suggest that you request assistance with divine beings that will assist you in your prayer process and then let the beings come to you. When you are wishing to pray for some very powerful experience or something that you need help with, we would encourage you ask for the divine being to assist you.

The form or manner of the beings that are there to assist you will be made clear to you. You will be given a way of focusing upon them. Then turn your requests over to this higher consciousness. Know that it is those who are able to assist you at the time and are in harmony with your frequency and desire at the moment who will come to help you. So we are suggesting that you know what you would wish to pray for and then give it over to the higher consciousness that is there to help you.

Many have felt that their prayers have been unanswered in this and many other lifetimes. Now that many are beginning to see their past lives as well as their present one, they realize that they have often asked for help and that call has not been answered. You must realize that energy changes from moment to moment upon this earth plane. The connection to divine energy changes as well. There may have been ten generations of a family that prayed to a certain saint. It may be for this person, at this particular time, their connection to that saint is not energized. Yet, there are other beings around you that wish to assist you. They want to work with you, they are available, and in harmony with your personal frequency.

We would wish others to be open to these new ideas about prayer. There are new concepts in prayer. Focus your attention and emotions, ask for assistance and be open the nature of the divine beings of light that would be there for you. In doing this, you will be tapping into a greater resource then you had ever imagined possible.
Humans upon the earth plane do not see themselves clearly. They do not understand how they are feeling. They do not clearly know what their desires are. They do not have a great understanding of their nature.Many humans do not realize that they have certain tools that are inherent to their nature, that are at their disposal, Prayer is one of these tools.

Realize that the power that humans have now to have their prayers answered is now greater then it has ever been in many eons upon this planet. Any doubt or discouragement that you may feel about praying may come from the experience in this or other lifetimes when your prayers were unanswered. Know that now it is different. Now is a time when focusing your ideas and requesting assistance will bring amazing results.

Many are coming to understand the power of their mind. They are coming to understand the power of their thoughts. Many are understanding that it is important to keep their minds directed in a positive light, and not dwell on the negative. Now we are wishing to assist you all in taking this understanding to another level. Realize that your ability to make prayer affective is very great. When you actively seek the assistance of the divine beings that are here, hovering on many levels of the earth plane, you will be calling on a great energy. You will be adding emphasis to the requests that are within you.

It is important that help is there for you. There is more help then there has ever been. Many individuals are going through difficult times. It is a time of upheaval, loss, change and regrouping as individuals have not gone through for many eons on this planet. Because the need is great, the answer for that need is also great. It is important for you to open to this power that is available to you. Even if you had a time in your life when you were young, and praying through the system of religion you were raised in, you may have felt that your prayers were unanswered. Do no give up. Don’t take this seeming failure into the present and decide that prayer does not work. Do not feel that prayer has no power for you. Know now, through this communication, that we are telling you that there is great assistance for you.

When you call upon the energies that are here now, you will find that that which is in harmony with your nature, what is in harmony with your divine plan will come forth. Many might pray for things that are not in harmony with their nature. Praying for things of a material nature may not come to you if it is not in harmony with your divine plan and life lessons that you have requested in this life.

If you pray for guidance about an issue, or pray to connect with your teacher, or inner peace or the way of a new life direction to come forth, then these things will be shown to you. We wish you to know that this ancient form of communication and manifestation is alive and available to you.

Realize that this is a new and unique situation coming forth on the planet at this time. Your focus will also be different. So focusing your attention and turning it over to the divine energy will bring forth what is necessary in a way that will be truly astounding.
There are many who have come to this understanding by themselves. They feel in harmony with divine energy. There is a beautiful life flow for them. They feel that their lives are in sync with the divine energy.

Once you open this doorway, through prayer, you walk through a portal that will connect you with the divine energy of the universe. You will know then, that not just what you pray for, but all aspects of your life will come into alignment. You will feel connected to The Flow. It is being in sync with the energy of creation.
Prayer opens the door. It will set off a beautiful chain reaction of divine goodness around you.

It is important to repeat the prayer often. It is good to have a time when you can relax and able to step into another level of consciousness. When you pray, the brain waves go into a certain type of alignment. This is a physical manifestation of the idea that you are bringing forth. Many have been able to feel a change in their energy.
As you focus your brain waves and ask for assistance, a new type of mental functioning will come forth. This way of praying will also help you to connect with guides and beings who are wishing to assist you. There are many guides and beings here now. When you pray and ask for assistance from divine beings of light, then it is a call that will be answered. As you focus on this, you will begin to feel as familiarity with the beings that work with you. You may sense them while you are engaged in prayer, or see them in the dream state.

Once you begin to connect with them, you will have a personal experience of who they are. You may receive a name, you may not. That is not as important as sensing them. They are there to carry your prayers to heaven, to the higher frequencies, where they may manifest with ease. Think of those who assist you with your prayers as celestial messengers.

This vision is called the Power of Prayer

See yourself seated in a beautiful place. It may be out in nature or in a beautiful room. There may be many objects in this room, and it is bright and filled with divine gold light. You may see yourself sitting in a classic prayer position or you may be sitting in meditation. You will see beautiful waves of lavender emanating from your being. These will be the frequencies of your prayer. Then see divine beings surrounding you. They will resonate with this lavender vibration. They will carry this vibration to a higher frequency.

Much has changed in the concept of prayer. The changes are beautiful. Prayer has much to offer you.

Gemstones/Minerals of the month November

MALACHITE—Excellent for those born with Sun, Moon. Or Ascendant in Scorpio

Malachite has a rich, green color that ranges from emerald to deep forest green. It often has swirls of both shades of green running through it. It is opaque, meaning that light does not shine through it.

It has been called the “Stone of Transformation”, as it has been used in making changes in one’s life. It is excellent for helping one to release negative emotions and memories that may not be apparent to the conscious mind.

The color of Malachite relates to the heart chakra, and it facilitates the release of emotional imprints This mineral can help you to receive insights into basic disorders of body, mind and spirit. It can help you to acknowledge the reasons that have caused an illness. Holding a piece of this stone will support your desire to release the emotional causes of illness.

Other health benefits include assistance in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, broken bones and torn muscles Malachite has protective powers .It can bring protection to those who fly in airplanes. It is good for lessening vertigo.
Another quality that is attributed to Malachite is fidelity in love and friendship. It encourages loyalty in partnerships, It also encourages practicality and responsibility in business relationships.

Last, but not least, Malachite helps to take the obstacles out of your path when you have focused on a goal.

AZURITE---Excellent for those born with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius


The consistency of Azurite is similar to Malachite. This mineral can range from light to deep blue. The ancient name for this stone is the “Eye of Heaven” this is because Azurite promotes stimulation of the third eye and psychic ability The royal blue color of this mineral relates to the royal blue color connected with the third eye. It develops the psychic self and helps you become more aware of situations in all areas of life. In the mythology of the Native American tribes of North America, Azurite is used to facilitate contact with spirit guides. The Mayans of Central America also used Azurite to promote psychic abilities and understand messages and to assist in telepathic communication.

Azurite also enhances creative ability and self esteem. This beautiful gemstone can also assist in dissolving obstacles to the goals that you want to achieve.
The deep blue of this stone makes it helpful when trying to reach a state of deep meditation. Holding it in your hand or wearing it on your body will help you sink into blissful states of mind.


Excellent For both Sagittarius and Scorpio Sun signs When these three minerals combine it creates a effect of helping one extend themselves to others. This is especially good for Scorpio people. It energizes the ideals of Sagittarius, which is philanthropic tendencies. It promotes fellowship among all peoples and the desire to strive for common goals. It also helps one feel compassion for their fellow humans.

Gem stone image source:

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