November 21, 2006

Table of Contents:

  • Message from Abby Isadora Haydon
  • Channeling from the Assembly of Light
  • Guest Astrologoger - Julie Alcorn
  • Trip to Chichen Iza
  • New monthly group channeling in Sedona

Abby Haydon

Message from Abby

Dear Friends,

I am sorry that it has taken so long to get this newsletter out. Illness and a lot of other work have kept me from getting this out in October, as I had planned. The Astrology can still be helpful for next year.

I am sorry to say that this will be the last newsletter. I have realized that the expense has doubled since I started it.

The good news is that I am going to have a monthly channeling group again. A friend has offered her home. So I will have a monthly message as I did before. You will be able to go to the website and get it. The group will be on the third Thursday of the month, so by the second week of the next month, it should be on the web site. The first meeting is December 21st.

It seems that I needed time to do other things for awhile. Now it seems it is time to channel again!

Much love,


The Rocket

Channeling of the Assembly of Light through Abby Isadora Haydon

November 21,

We are very grateful for this opportunity to communicate. We have not been able to communicate for a long time. We have excellent news to bring forth for you. You are now operating at a higher level of functioning. You are now working in many ways that have not been possible for you before.

This is being brought about by many factors. It is brought about atmospheric changes and the changes in energy fields. These influences have helped to bring about changes in personal behavior and ways of being.

And so it is that you are able to work in different ways now and bring forth more potentials. For within the past six months, great healing has taken place for many of you. You are now feeling ready to work in new directions. This will bring even more growth and change.

So it is now that you have new ideas that you would  wish to utilize. Many new concepts of healing will come through many of you within this coming year. Many of you will also bring forth healing with others in this year as well. Many of you are bringing forth great abundance, potential, beauty and joy within this year. So realize that you  are working at a higher level of efficiency and amplitude.

Many things have caused these changes to come forth. So it is that you are able to initiate change and work in a more efficient manner. The work that you are doing or ging to be doing will be very valuable. It will allow you to bring forth new directions for yourself and others.

Realize that these changes that are coming forth, these new ways of working for you are seeds within yourself that are beginning to blossom. One of these new changes will be to use energy more efficiently and to direct energy to others. This will also bring more energy to your manifestations. There will be more energy to bring healing to the psyche.

So it is that many have wished to release the trauma of their childhood, past lives and anything that is holding them back from doing what their soul is wishing to do on the earth plane at this time. Even though much attention is put upon this, change is slow.  Now, within this coming year as you focus on healing the past and release it from your energy fields, you will have more energy to devote to these projects. You will have more energy to bring forth to bring forth healing and release.

We would wish to give to you this vision. It is that of the rocket ship. It is going into space. The rocket releases a booster jet and it falls back to earth.
 And so it will be with you. As you are able to climb higher, you are also able to release what is not serving you and bringing forth growth. So it is that you are releasing a booster from the rocket. That which does not serve you or assist you, but has been part of your past will be released. It is time for it to drop away. You do not need to carry the burden of it any more.

Some of you are feeling this lightness already. Some of you are feeling this ease already. So realize that you are able to bring this forth now. You are able to create this release. You are able to do this because of the new energy that is coming to you. You will have help in releasing what is not serving you.

We would encourage you all to focus your attention on releasing the past for the next six months. Focus on releasing the pain that the past makes you still feel. You will have more energy to direct to this. Release dreams that have never come true, expectations that were never fulfilled, prayers that were never answered and hopes that have faded away. All of these are still within your energy fields. They will weight as you wish to fly to higher levels. They will weight you down as you wish to soar to new directions.

Realize that this new enhancement to your energy field can be used to release the echoes of the past that your sub conscious mind still hears and listens to. You are also having more energy to heal your body. You will be able to take the steps to do the healing and to seek out others who will help you with this healing.
You will also be able to focus your energy and attention on situations that are within your physical body. What needs to be healed in the physical body will have an opportunity to be healed.  You will be able to make changes in the physical body that have been needed for many years. You will have the determination and the stamina and desire to bring forth these changes. These changes may be eating better foods, drinking juices, go to healers, and paying attention to the signals of your body. Now is the time to focus on this healing. It is now time to encourage yourself to work on health situations that you have ignored or “swept under the carpet” Now is the time to direct your energy and intentions to these areas of the body.

Your mind will function better. You will be able to focus your attention more easily. You will be able to see situations more clearly. You will be able to understand the feelings and awareness’s of others easier. You will have greater sensitivity and understanding of the people in your life. You will able to attune to their needs and desires. This will result in greater harmony in your interactions with others.
Your mental awareness is going to be energized. So will the sensitivity of the emotional body and the physical form are now being “boosted”. You may find yourself understanding those that are close to you more then you ever have. You will find that awareness of their feelings and actions will suddenly come into your head. You will understand why their actions. You will have more compassion, sympathy and empathy for them. This ability will become more finely tuned.

The new energies that are hitting your planet form the photon belt and asteroids are going to be energizing you.

They are making you more sensitive and appreciative of others. You will find greater harmony in all your interactions.

The emotional healing and bonding that is necessary for your planet to evolve is no being set into motion. The emotional clarity that is needed is beginning to manifest.

This will first bring changes on a personal level, and then on a global level. You will be having the desire to work on many aspects of yourself. What no longer suits you will fall away. What does not allow your greatness to emerge will no longer be a part of you.

Your humanity is expanding. By this we mean that your ability to be more humane to other will expand. This will be a wonderful healing for your planet.

The desire to connect with what you may call kindred spirits will expand as well. You will find more that you resonate with. This will all come about beautifully. You will be able to tell more easily who resonates with your personal frequency.

Many times, the experiences of life draw you away form people who are nurturing and healing to you. Many times these experiences of life keep you from seeing clearly the love that comes to you.

 Your goal is to ascend. Your goal is to come to higher awareness and functioning. Your soul desires to connect to higher frequencies while in the physical body. The emotional healing of the release of excess baggage from this and other lifetimes is necessary. It is necessary for this to happen so that your soul can sour higher into the realms of consciousness.

In order to help you focus on the goals that can be helped by the energies coming into your planet, we would encourage you to write down the most important goals in these areas that you have. This will be a great help in focusing the energies that are coming forth.

We encourage you all to think upon these ideas and be aware of these concepts. They will bring you greater emotional clarity and understanding of yourself and others. This will give you greater fuel to run the engines that take you on your journey to enlightenment.

Guest Astrologer—Julie Alcorn –Eclipses

Moon eclipsing the Sun interrupts the normal flow of solar radiation, destabilizing existing patterns and so invites reorganization, a chance to choose a new path, a more natural, whole and holy path. Eclipses reactivate knowledge and strengths we have developed in other lifetimes, this 2nd Virgo Moon of this year reawakening sacred healing skills to step effectively and wisely  into the time of Libran peacemaking, relationship building, art working, and activism for social justice.

The rare 2nd new Moon in Virgo closes an eclipse window of turbulent shifts that began with the eclipse at the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon on Sept 7 (eclipses break up the normal flow of light and energy and can make one feel weird and anxious, especially in the two-week window between them) and completes a lunar month that began with the 1st Virgo New Moon on August 23. Eclipses are unsettling yes, but also great for helping one to wake up from, break out of habituated, unconscious or passive ways of responding to life. Be vigilant for peak moments, where life will provide signs indicating the best way forward, especially in your work, your health. New Moons are great for making wishes and setting intents, and an eclipsing New Moon is even more powerful- and can be just what’s needed to break through indecision and senseless debate, to a place of unification within that takes us forward in our lives. The eclipses will be a catalyst for new focused attention. Our focus can be directed to take more conscious charge of our own lives and break through the ruts be may be stuck in.  

The next Virgo/Pisces set of eclipses come in March, 2007. This time they will be reversed, the Lunar Eclipse on March 3rd at 13 degrees Virgo and the Solar Eclipse on March 19th at 28 degrees of Pisces. The last set in this polarity is due to come in late August, early Sept. 07. The Lunar Eclipse will be on the 28th of August at 4 degrees Pisces and the Solar Eclipse on September 11th, at 18 degrees Virgo.

Virgo rules the 6th house, the house which holds the essence of health, service, responsibilities and accomplishment. Virgo is a “Feminine, Earth ruled sign. The Lunar Eclipse in Virgo will bring opportunity to evaluate, hopefully without too critical of judgment, what exactly on the emotional level of viewing our self’s responses, should be kept and which actions (emotionally) should be discarded. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo will bring opportunities similar but with an “outer circumstance” quality that has to do with possibly your career or family issues.   

Pisces rules the 12th house, the house which holds the essence of the subconscious, privacy and past karma. Pisces is also a feminine sign but it is Water ruled. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will bring opportunity to expand your intuition and understanding through your feelings of what you have recently been going through. Evaluation from a “higher point of view”. A chance to step outside the self and see the bigger picture; like how the other people involved may understand a certain situation. And, how from that other point of view things suddenly seem to make sense. The Solar eclipse in Pisces will come to bring new awareness to things you do on a daily basis from others. People will seem to be more compassionate and understanding toward you for a change. People and situations seem a lot calmer and very possibly even a little bit “spacey”.  But, of course we are dealing with the nature of “eclipse energy”. And because of that, energy can go to it’s extremes of both positive or of the negative in Pisces and Virgo effects.

We will look at how we can use the energy of both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses. Both eclipses in Virgo and both in Pisces in each of the astrological houses. Because the aspects to the eclipses from each planet in your natal chart have such a huge impact on the specifics of how you in-particular will be affected, there will be a very general description of what you can expect to notice. If you would like an in-depth reading of where the eclipses fall in your individual birth chart and how the aspects read, you can contact me to set up a reading. I will need your exact birth time, place and date.

First house Eclipse
If the eclipses fall in your first house then you will be dealing with identity in terms of how you present yourself to other people. You may have an identity crisis so to speak. You will examine who you appear to be and it is a good time to make adjustments from a conscious/awareness state of mind. It is also possible that other people may lay some trips on you about your behavior.

Second house
This house brings up issues of possessions and earning capacity. You may experience a small crises is your financial affairs and you could possibly loose something that has sentimental value.  However it could be something as simple as misplacing your keys, especially if you don’t have hard aspects to your natal planets from the eclipse

Third house
Communication could have great stress associated with it or could be very confusing. Something could come up that concerns your siblings or neighbors that brings about a heated dialog.

Fourth house
Be cautious of leaving your home open, or what you leave “on” around your house. Security issues are of importance to check- and recheck. These are not times to move or buy a home.

Fifth house
Romance could take a sudden left turn ñ right on to a highway that leads to nowhere. If you are a gambler, be extremely cautious. In fact, gambling at all could bring disaster. Be very cautious about taking risks of any kind until the summer of 2007. Your children may get into trouble risk taking or doing things they don’t normally do.

Sixth house
Health issues and your work/job come to the forefront. Be sure to take your vitamins and eat really good and healthy. Be sure to pay extra attention at work in terms of detail, as bosses are likely to be “uptight”.

Seventh house
Business partnerships could have a “touchy” energy about them. You or your partner could be worried about something that really doesn’t matter at all, and/or one of you could doubt the integrity or decisions of the other. Marriage partners may see things in a new light, for good or ill. Not a good time to get married, that’s for sure.

Eighth house
If you have an eclipse passing through the eighth house you could loose someone who is close to you. If you have any tax issues to deal with they will more than likely be up for examination by the IRS-

Ninth house     
Travel at these Eclipse times is not advised. Your personal philosophy about life or spiritual matters may be re-evaluated. However, you may not keep the ideas you come up with at these times for long.

Tenth house
The public is watching you, Big Time. You may be in the public eye and judged for things that just don’t seem fair. And, it probably won’t be. Just be watchful of what you do or say because things could get real out of hand very quickly and a real big deal can be made out of nothing.

Eleventh house
If you have wish’s and dreams that you want to make real, these times are not the times to do it. Interactions with groups or social gatherings may “out of the blue” be a source of trouble.

Twelfth house
Subconscious actions may cause you trouble. This is a good time to look at what you take for granted in your personal life, and why. You may draw in someone you were very close to in a past life- for good or ill. Karma plays a role here with the twelfth, so be very cautious how you “tread”.

Trip to Chichen Iza, Mexico for Spring Equinox, 2007

I was at a lecture done by Peruvian shamans who came to Sedona this fall.
click here to view more details. I felt that I wanted to go to a place of importance in Central America: The Mayan Sacred Site of Chichen Iza in Southern Mexico. I will do ceremony there and add to the energy of the day. I plan to go for a week and stay at Playa Del Carmen. It is very close to Tulum also.
I do not want to plan a formal tour-like trip. I am going to find places that are nice and can give you information on places to stay. I want to fly into Cancun on the 19th of March, take a bus to Chichen Iza and stay the 20th and 21st. Then go to Playa del Carmen for the rest of the time.

If you are interested in going, please email me at

New monthly group channeling in Sedona

The Channeling group will be on the third Thursday of the month, so by the second week of the next month, it should be on the web site. The first meeting is December 21st.


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