Channeling by the Assembly of Light through Abby Haydon


               There are many valuable lessons that are coming to individuals over the next few months. It is important to be in a positive frame of mind. Know that teachings are coming to you. They will help you understand more about yourself. It will also help you to understand about your universe and yourself in this particular time period.

        Many changes are taking place within your universe. It is the start of a great journey into consciousness. It is an expansion that is coming. Many will be leaving what they do and going in new directions. It is important to listen to this call. It is a great challenge indeed.

        There will be tests coming to you. You may want to think of these as opportunities for expanding your awareness. They will help you to see more of your own personal nature. What may be called flaws or weaknesses within your being that can be changed. These things can be healed. These challenges, tests or initiations, however you would like to think of them, will be coming to you. For some they may be the “light bulb” turning on in your mind. It will be an understanding about yourself and your actions.
        For others it will be more challenging. Situations will be created so that you may look at aspects of your nature and choose to transform them. You must choose to understand aspects of your personality and the soul essence of your nature. Each time you go into any type of physical reality you take on things from that incarnation.  Your experiences mold your soul body. This is why you have great potentials. You are a conglomeration of the experiences you have had in many lifetimes. This is also why you have aspect of yourself that may not be serving you and need to be freed from your soul body.

        To attune to that and understand yourself is a beautiful goal for many within the next 6 months. Realize that there will be opportunities to see yourself more clearly. This is the way that we would encourage you to look at this. Do not see this as struggles, horrible challenges, traumas or disasters.  These are opportunities for you to understand yourself and heal what needs to be healed. It is important, when these situations arise, that you are willing to work on them.

        Seeing your nature will be one thing and working upon it transforming it will be another. Some may see their strengths and their beauties. They will see the great abilities that they have within themselves.

        Realize that these situations coming forth for you are choices that you may make as well. Aspects of your consciousness that you may perceive as your higher self know that you wish to have this experience.

         Let us say that you are journeying on a road and it is becoming nighttime. You have a flat tire. This is a challenge that aspects of yourself have decided to take on.  There may be no way to call anyone. There is no way to receive help that you know of.  So you will be having many thoughts at this time. You will need to TRUST. This will be the lesson for you. Connecting with your spiritual energy and trusting that you will be assisted is what you must focus upon.

Then help will come and things will be splendid. You may make a new friend. Many lovely things may come from this situation.

        Some of these tests will be difficult, but they will bring out certain qualities within you. They will encourage or even force you to look into the many beauties of yourself. We wish to encourage you to be open to the beauty that is within you waiting to come out. You have this opportunity for the growth of your soul body. These awareness’s that will be coming to you were not possible for you to understand earlier. Now will be an opportunity for you to see what you are capable of and what you do not wish to continue to keep within your energy fields.
        These challenges will be testing many qualities within yourself such as courage, honesty, patience, kindness and compassion. To energize these qualities within yourself, to allow yourself to utilize them in whatever situation comes forth will bring great growth for you. It will bring growth of your spirit.

        During this time period it is not that everything is going to go wrong. It is an opportunity to rise above the challenge. It is an opportunity for your beauties to come forth and for you to embrace them. Know that it is time to work on these issues that come up.  All the potentials and beauties within yourself are available for you to be very powerful indeed.

Realize also that now it the time for you to connect with Nature. The force of Nature will begin to decline within the next three months. You will begin to feel this decline. This is often a time when  this hemisphere starrs to be in reclusive mode. We would encourage you, instead of becoming reclusive as the days become shorter, that you allow yourself to expand and go many different places. This will be a powerful time to travel. It will be a time when you will be able to experience many sacred sites in a way that has not done before. You will feel many spiritual journeys calling you. The potentials that are coming forth now are very beautiful indeed.

 Many communications are coming from animals. They will become more in harmony with you and others during this next 6 months. Being out in a place of nature where you can communicate with them or be accessible to their energies will be very beautiful. Many will receive communications from wild animals.

You have a great opportunity to expand your spirit. Great learning can take place within the next 6 months. Great opportunities will come forth as well. Know that you are now coming to a pinnacle within the expansion of consciousness of people upon this planet. It is a time to bring healing and transformation to these aspects of yourself so that you may attune to the new group consciousnesses that are beginning to form upon the planet. There will be many large groups of individuals that think alike. They will perceive many spiritual truths about creation, the body and personality. These groups will form that will find one or some of these aspects as their focus.

These people will be coming together in the physical, but they will also be creating many new grids of consciousness without a physical connection.  These new grids of consciousness will be formed from their collective appreciation and understanding. Those who love the earth and trees will start to connect with each other on finer spiritual and energetic levels. They will not be able know of each other for the most part, but they will feel this connection. It will be a strengthening of what they believe in.

More people who believe in the positive spiritual principles that are being strengthened will attune to these grid works. So more people who love the trees and the earth will have a deeper connection to these aspects of life because of the collective energy grids that are manifesting.

These grids will help those who love animals, that love to heal the physical and emotional bodies.  These grids will help people who wish to get out of the negative structures that they have created with their life and experience peace and tranquility.
These many different energy formations will be coming forth and they will become stabilized. In this way, many individuals who are just opening to the light within them will be able to have easier access to clearer understanding of these aspects.
Strengthening your soul and spirit will help you to communicate with others who believe or feel as you do. It will strengthen the work that you do and strengthen your ability to attain the goals that you wish to achieve.
So going through these tests and challenges will strengthen you. It will help you to assist in forming these new grids of consciousness, or collective energy formations of higher spiritual concepts. These grids will help connect individuals all over this planet.

The connection into these energy grids will begin to manifest many beautiful experiences upon the earth. These grids are focused on creation, expansion, healing, love, peace and harmony. These energy fields, These new grids will begin to work upon the planet in a very beautiful way.

This all begins with you strengthening and purifying yourself. See, honor and experience the beauty of yourself and what is important to you. Then others around the globe will begin to think the same. These thoughts will begin to easily manifest as others tap into this energy.

Some  people are very attuned to crystals, some will connect with the abilities of these stones that are not as apparent as they are now.  There are many uses that stones will have.

Now is the time when these grids of light, these grids of consciousness and expansion are beginning to be formed. As you purify, strengthen and honor what you are, so will you be able to assist in the formation of these consciousness grids. These grids will eventually bring about many changes within your world.

Some people are very interested in changing the social, governmental and other structures of life. The completion of these grids will help in bringing these changes about. These are now potentials that will expand greatly within the next five years.

Now is the time when you are being called to refine who you are and then focus your attention on what is important to you. Simply by focusing your attention in these ways, will you be assisting others all over the world in carrying out this work.

So if you put your attention on saving the rainforests, there will be other people who will be activated to do this work and create change. With these grids of consciousness, those who are able to receive the energy of positive intention will receive the energy deposited in these grids from people all over the world who have put their thoughts and prayers in them. This creates a collective experience that will be coming forth.

Many are growing spiritually at a rapid rate. Many are still refusing to listen to the callings within themselves. The creation of energy grids will open the eyes and hearts of many. It will help many to get in touch with the callings within them and allow these callings to manifest.

There are many who have had beautiful ideas for many years. They have not been able to manifest them. As these grids begin to form, many will be able to do the work that they have choosen within their hearts.

We encourage all to think upon these ideas. Accept these challenges. Your guides and teachers will be encouraging you to work upon this.

We wish to encourage you to see this beautiful vision. You are standing on the earth. You are removing layers of your being that are falling to the ground. It is like a wool blanket that you are discarding in the summertime. You will see yourself looking up in the sky. You will see a formation. It may look like a snowflake or some other geometric form. Then you will be able to see yourself and beams of white and lavender coming from yourself to these forms. You will see yourself connecting into these forms. It is that you will be bringing forth great beauty and potential.

The connection to this grid allows you to send energy to it, but you will also be able to receive energy from it.  It is a very beautiful energetic manifestation. The way knowledge and information is spread around this planet is through these grids or energy fields. Now these grids that formulate your lives will be uplifted and expanded. New concepts are forming so that they can manifest in your world.
So we would encourage you not turn away from challenges that come to you. As you walk through them you will be proud and happy to do this for yourself and the world.


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