Vortex Tours

Abby has created the Vortex Experience. Now that she lives in Sedona, AZ, she has been offering unique vortex journeys. She has been going to the vortexes since the mid 1980's. For deeper connection with the vortex energies, Abby offers a combination of experiences at the vortexes. Abby does Drumming, ceremony, meditation to connect you to the energy of the vortex a your choice of a channeling/reading, sound healing or Reiki.

Vortex tours are available in two hours, half day and whole day segments. The tour is designed just for you. If you wish, you can go to several vortices, focus on one, or anything in between.

She also offers a vortex/labyrinth tour. The labyrinth can stimulate emotional release and elevation of consciousness. A personal ceremony can be done at the labyrinth. This usually is combined with the vortex tour for a powerful Sedona experience.

Prices will vary. Please call or email Abby to discuss your day.
928-204-5617 or abby@spiritual guidance.com


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